March 12, 2021

Dear Friend,

I wrote Tuesday about the enormous and wasteful $1.9 trillion, “COVID relief package” that Congress was set to consider on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress rammed it through the process along partisan lines, sending it to President Biden’s desk. He signed it into law yesterday morning.

What does this mean for Americans – and specifically those in the Pelican State? If you look beyond the headlines and talking points, it carries pretty significant problems.

  1. The bill effectively ends enforcement of the Hyde Amendment, the mechanism that has been in place since 1976 and bars the federal government from directly paying for abortions. This bill contained at least $50 million in observable funding for Planned Parenthood, and potentially much more for other abortion industry players hidden in other places. The U.S. Supreme Court will, at some point, have to revisit how the federal government should be involved in the regulation and funding of abortion. We’re hopeful they answer those questions soon.
  2. The package adds more than $5,750 per person to the national debt. The government has borrowed, for every man, woman, and child, a sum that greatly exceeds the “direct payment” of $1,400 they will be sending to you. These so-called “relief checks” may help some with a few expenses in the short-term, but you’ll be paying for them in a major way over the next twenty years.
  3. The bill funds poorly run state and local governments, especially wasteful school systems, and union-backed leftist causes. Despite the implication of the bill, less than 10 percent of the overall amount will be spent on COVID relief purposes.

Every member of Louisiana’s congressional delegation voted NO on this huge spending bill. Don’t be fooled by the meager “economic impact payments”; this spending bill is bad for America, and it’s bad for Louisiana.

A few other important news items to be aware of as you head into your weekend:

Congressman Clay Higgins has called on Governor Edwards to end all COVID-related mandates and restrictions, effective immediately. He says the state cannot afford to lose any more residents or economic drivers to our neighbors to the west, who have removed all infringements.

To our north, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed into a law a near-total ban on abortion in an open challenge to Roe v. Wade and other abortion-enabling decisions. The bill effectively dares the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in.

To our west, a Texas judge has ruled that the state CAN discontinue funding to Planned Parenthood through its Medicaid program. This is a great win for states who do not believe in taxpayer funding for the taking of innocent life through abortion.

And to our east, Mississippi’s governor has signed a law protecting women from being forced to compete against biological men in sports. This is similar to a bill that LFF attempted to pass in 2020 and will work again on in 2021.

As you can see, great progress is being made all around us to promote our shared values. We have much work to do when the 2021 legislative session begins next month, but we’re confident that Louisiana, too, will make great progress in pushing meaningful reforms to protect our families.

And please don’t forget – registration from LFF’s 2021 Leadership Academy is OPEN! The pre-eminent worldview training for Louisianians from ages 16-22 will be headlined this year by Joseph Backholm from FRC. You don’t want your kids to miss this. Details can be found here.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Please consider making a financial contribution to help cover the cost of a scholarship for a future Louisiana leader. Your generosity may well train up a future U.S. Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor, or legislator.

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