March 19, 2021

Dear Friend,

(Ret.) Lieutenant Colonel Dick Hoyt, a man who inspired respect for the handicapped by modeling honor for his own sons, has passed away at the age of 80. “Team Hoyt” was a father/son duo best known for competing for decades in marathons, triathlons, and competitive races. Dick pushed Rick, his son, born with cerebral palsy, in a wheelchair through 32 Boston Marathons and over 1,000 other races, including the “Iron Man” triathlons.

When asked why he enjoyed the races so much, Rick said, “I feel normal when we run together.”

It’s a compelling story, and a great reminder that no matter what, human dignity, pure respect for human life, and love for our kids triumphs. Family matters!

RIP Iron Man…you ran your race and finished well!

I’ll be honest with you, Friends, this week wasn’t a stellar week for the American family. It was tough – filled with blatant attacks on family values. Thin majorities in Washington, D.C. are doing major deconstruction to our national foundations; thankfully, Louisiana has a legislature that’s willing to push back, and do what’s possible to protect life, liberty, and limited government from those who prefer to see them radically redefined.

Before I go any further, I want to remind you that tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th, is Election Day for the 2nd and 5th Congressional Districts (among others) in Louisiana. The winners of these races will assume vacant seats and restore Louisiana’s state and federal delegation to full strength. To see your ballot and learn about the candidates, please visit and review your FREE, custom, non-partisan voter guide.

In case you missed it:

  • The U.S. Senate approved Xavier Becerra, the now-former AG of California, to serve as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. His nomination was approved by a single vote, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who joined the Democrats to install a radical pro-abortion policymaker. LFF will be watching and ready to challenge problematic policies in court.
  • The U.S. Senate is also considering the so-called “Equality Act,” perhaps the most anti-equality legislation ever proposed. This bill strips religious liberty, enshrines abortion, and restrains faith’s influence over American government. It’s a bad bill. LFF signed onto a letter asking U.S. Senators to reject the legislation.
  • Congress moved this week to retroactively remove the deadline for states to approve the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment,” which, would codify and solidify abortion as an unrestrainable “right” in American society. Legal scholars are highly skeptical that Congress can retroactively nullify a deadline 35 years after it expired. The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on this one if it moves forward.
  • Louisiana, and 20 other states, have officially filed a lawsuit against President Biden over his executive order to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. The lawsuit alleges that Biden has exceeded his presidential authority by canceling the project. You can read more about this effort at this link.

I urge you not to be discouraged by these events; rather, resolve that we were placed here to provide a witness against the misguided efforts being advanced. Prepare to join LFF in the arena of ideas, winning hearts and minds at the upcoming legislative session and beyond. We believe truth is a very formidable opponent and, in the end, will prevail. Keep the faith!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S.  Check out this coverage on Thursday’s Pastors Briefing at Thibodaux Family Church!

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