April 17, 2020

Dear Friend,

All are looking towards the relaunch of Louisiana’s economy – which 4.65 million people rely on for a quality life. 

Some La. employers, such as Rouse’s and LSU, are hiring affected workers; still, we have significant issues to address regarding the near total rebuild of our state economy. 

Towards that end, Governor Edwards has announced the launch of Resilient Louisiana, a commission tasked with forming a plan to assist Louisiana’s economic rebirth. We continue to pray for all of our leaders, including this commission, that they would have wisdom and courage to balance the risk aversion of healthcare professionals and the “let’s turn the lights on” economists. Please continue to follow our unified prayer efforts over at Unite 7:14.

My former Family Policy colleague, Joseph Backholm, now at the Colson Center, offered this national political perspective to ponder: the politics of turning the lights back on (abbreviated).

1. The good news is, COVID-19 hasn't been as deadly as feared. Were the models overstated? Or has America’s response been that effective? We’ll see soon.

2. Decisions about reopening will be made by politicians. Americans are most concerned about getting back to work, national politicians about how to defeat President Trump. That's significant!

3. Blue state governors have formed coalitions to organize opposition to whatever Trump proposes. Whatever he says, we'll hear, “thats reckless and puts profits above people.”

4. The mainstream media & political underdogs cannot afford to be positive. Showing unity would make it look like Trump brought the country together. That's politically unacceptable.

5. The Democrats are in the tenuous position of being hurt politically if the country does well and helped politically if terrible things recur with COVID-19.

6. Investigations into the response are INEVITABLE until the election. New articles of impeachment are likely. 

7. Trump putting his name on the checks being sent to everyone is the Trumpiest thing ever! I'm actually surprised he didn’t have a picture of himself on the envelopes winking at everyone. But is it helpful to be sending everyone checks 6 months before your election? Oh yeah.

Obviously, national politics differ from local and regional. La. has much to be thankful for with a united & reasoned response by state officials. Now we need to assist them in turning Louisiana’s lights back on.

Here are a few local stories we think are important as you head into your weekend:

President Donald J. Trump has announced a plan to re-open the U.S. economy, but his guidelines are not mandatory. Ultimately, the decision to re-open state and regional economies will be left up to governors.

Louisiana’s abortion clinics continue to operate as if there has not been a shutdown of all elective medical procedures. After the attorney general’s office conducted an inspection of one abortion clinic, several of them ran into federal court to seek a judge’s authority to continue their life-taking work.

Public schools in Louisiana are officially closed through the end of the academic year. This provides parents with a great opportunity to educate their children and instill a meaningful worldview. Need help? Check here.

Louisiana’s elections have been postponed again, on the advice of Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin (R). Primaries will now take place on July 11, instead of June 20, as previously scheduled.

The federally-approved small business loans and grant funds have been fully distributed, and some members of the U.S. Senate are blocking their replenishment. Meanwhile, strip clubs are suing in an attempt to receive COVID-19 relief funds.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to get back to work. Please share your thoughts with us by responding to this email, and we will be sure to share those ideas with decision makers in our state.

Join me in Unite714 Prayer here.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. We appreciate all the support we’ve received during these uncertain times. If you’re in a position to help, would you make an investment in our work as we push to protect the institutions that matter most in Louisiana?


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