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Pro-Life Advances — Gamblers Lose!

April 27, 2018


The 2018 Session is half over and committees are rushing to push bills through the process. Suspense surrounds so many gaming bills like SB316 which would allow riverboat casinos to evolve into full-blown land dwelling casinos. The Senate approved the measure by a narrow margin and now the fight moves to the House. But those seeking to bring a riverboat casino to rural Tangipahoa Parish were not so "lucky." SB417 was voted down by the full Senate and its companion HB438 was set aside after little discussion in the House Criminal Justice Committee. Racetrack casino expansion did not fare well on the Senate floor either!

This Week at the Capitol…

Louisiana, still one of the most pro-life states in the country, approved several measures this week which advance the pro-life cause. Representative Rick Edmonds' bill promoting the adoption alternative to abortion and several other pro-life bills passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and are on their way to the Senate floor and then on to the Governor's desk. Senator John Milkovich's 15-week abortion ban passed the Senate with amendments.

My team and I continue to advocate for better government, principled leadership, and a language of honor. LFF's voice is being heard and has an impact because of your "loaned influence." We are so grateful for the pastors who made the trip to Baton Rouge this week to encourage legislators to reject gambling expansion.

Bills this Week:

  • HB449 by Rep. Edmonds - adoption information part of the Woman's Right to Know - PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE
  • HB487 by Rep. Zeringue and HB650 by Rep. Foil - 529 college savings vehicle in which earnings on the savings are not taxable can now be used to pay tuition at elementary or secondary public, private, or religious school - PASSED HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS
  • HB500 by Rep. Abramson - Limited constitutional convention - PASSED HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS
  • HB510 by Rep. Barras - Louisiana Checkbook website to provide info to the public on how state spends money - PASSED HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS
  • HB830 by Rep. Stokes - Requires age and work status verification to prevent human trafficking in sexual businesses - PASSED HOUSE 85-0
  • HB842 by Rep. Amedee - Requires daily recess in public school for grades K-8 - PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION
  • HB891 by Rep. Hoffmann - prohibited public funding to abortion providers - PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE
  • SB181 by Sen. Milkovich - 15-week abortion ban pending Mississippi court challenge law - PASSED THE SENATE 31-3
  • SB224 by Sen. Barrow - Promoting "In God We Trust" in public schools - PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION
  • SB250 by Sen. Mizell - Public school parents provides health risks and avoidance of pornography - PASSED HOUSE EDUCATION
  • SB313 by Sen. Lafleur - Changes race track casino gambling capacity - FAILED SENATE FINAL PASSAGE 18-17
  • SB325 by Sen. Milkovich - Additional causes to suspend or revoke abortion facility license - PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE
  • SB335 by Sen. Mizell - Increases fines for commercial sex requires education on exploitation and prostitution - PASSED CRIMINAL JUSTICE
  • SB402 by Sen. Riser - Church Safety Act = volunteer church security concealed carry permit in churches - PASSED HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE
  • SB417 by Sen. White - Expansion of riverboat gambling into Tangipahoa Parish - FAILED SENATE FINAL PASSAGE 16-19
  • SB316 by Sen. Johns - Riverboats to "land." 1200 feet off current berth with unlimited ability to expand facilities - PASSED THE SENATE

Duncan Confirmed!

Finally, Kyle Duncan was confirmed for the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, courtesy of the diligent work of Louisiana's U.S. Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy's advocacy. Well done gentlemen, America owes you a debt of gratitude!

Another good week of winning,
GeneMillssig.jpgGene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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