"You can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his ditches." — Larry Bollich

May 18, 2018


His actual quote was, "You can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his ditches, roads, levees, and crop rows." Such was the wisdom of this old, tired farmer who often took me to neighboring farms just to critique the resident farmers' attention to detail! It also marked his attention to the details of life. "Mookie," as his friends and family knew him, paid attention to the details and had a strong sense of just about everything. I have the honor and blessing of being married to this farmer's youngest daughter. Today, we had the difficult task of saying goodbye – for now.

In Loving Memory of
Lawrence Charles “Mookie” Bollich
June 21, 1932—May 15, 2018
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Blanche and her sisters Andrea and Monica. 

Mookie was a steward of the earth. He spent his life harvesting its bounty freely, whether it was goose hunting (usually from the back of his pickup or creeping up drainage ditches) or the half century he harvested crops from resistant soil, uncooperative weather, or stubborn markets. His garden was always bountiful enough to share, just like his life.

Larger than life was this 5'7," 168 lbs. of towering steward – always confident of the way things should go! He never published his book, "The Way Things Are Done" – it safely resided comfortably in his head – from which he time released wisdom freely on an as-needed basis. He had no hesitation telling anyone the superior path. He would begin with "First of all…" then rarely needed a second or third. I remember one occasion when we were in the field dove hunting, and as I made my way to the truck for the long ride home, he stopped and asked, "Where are you going?" I explained that I got my limit, to which he shot back, "If you still got shells in your bag, then you ain't got your limit!" Then there was the time he learned that I took the boys snapper fishing in the big waters, he pulled me aside and assured me that "Sons-in-law can be replaced – grandsons can't!"

Yes, you can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his ditches. Mookie kept his decently and in order – like a good steward should. Focusing on his faith, his family, and enjoying the freedoms this Korean War vet helped us to enjoy.

This man lived like the clock was ticking, and always had a larger-than-life voice speaking into other lives along the way!

Rest in Peace Mookie – we'll see you on the other side!

Capitol Update:

Today is the last day of the 2018 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. For many, it has not come soon enough.

This session has been tiring but extremely productive. Here at Team LFF, I think we all agree that this has been one of the most challenging sessions in memory. It is not just the sheer number of bills but also the variety of subject matter which we have had to consider. We are gratified as we are seeing legislators with a Biblical worldview arising as a powerful force for good. The good and Godly men and women who serve our Lord by serving our state need our prayers and support. Thank you for standing with us as we stand for Truth and speak that Truth to those in power.

Next Tuesday, May 22, the Legislature will reconvene for a Special Session to deal with the state's budgetary woes. Included in the Governor's call for the Special Session are items which will require our attention. We will keep you updated on those issues as they progress.

Here is the action on some key bills from this past week:

  • HB237 by Rep. Leopold – Increases penalties for production of child pornography SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB488 by Rep. Amedee – Adds the crime of female genital mutilation to the list of crimes against a child SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB625 by Rep. Edmonds – maternity leave for teachers who adopt a child SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB643 by Rep. Edmonds – "Reasonable" vs. "actual" expenses to be reimbursed in the adoption process SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB650 by Rep. Foil – Creates a program for education savings accounts for tuition expenses for elementary and secondary schools SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB830 by Rep. Stokes – age and work status verification for employees and contractors of sexually oriented businesses SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB891 by Rep. Hoffmann – Entities which perform abortions in this state prohibited from receiving public funding SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HCR71 by Rep. Edmonds – Requests the attorney general to file an amicus brief in federal court to support Mississippi in that state's litigation to ban elective abortions after fifteen weeks gestation PASSED BOTH HOUSES – GOVERNOR SIGNATURE NOT REQUIRED
  • SB181 by Sen. Milkovich – Prohibits abortions after 15-weeks gestation. Enforcement predicated on the success of court challenge to similar Mississippi law SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • SB243 by Sen. Morrell – a constitutional amendment to provide for unanimous jury trials; must be voted on by the people PASSED BOTH HOUSES
  • SB325 by Sen. Milkovich – additional reasons to shut down abortion facilities SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • SB364 by Sen. Ward – free speech on college campuses SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • SB391 by Sen. Mizell – internet filtering on government computers SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • SB534 by Sen. Milkovich – creates the crime of coerced abortion SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • SB316  by Sen. Ronnie Johns – riverboats become land-based casinos, expanded gambling capacity SENT TO THE GOVERNOR
  • HB553 by Rep. Barras – Harrah's no-bid extension of their contract to operate a land-based casino in New Orleans PASSED BOTH HOUSES – SENT TO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE FOR FURTHER NEGOTIATIONS

In His Service,
Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum


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