July 16, 2021

Dear Friend,

We have made history – a veto override session will occur! Still, we have much work left to do.

In a few short days, on Tuesday, July 20th, Louisiana’s legislature will gavel in the first veto override session in state history. More than 500 pastors – and thousands of others – have made their will known to elected officials, and enough of those lawmakers heard their appeals. This document, signed by hundreds of pastors from across Louisiana, was released to the media today and is awaiting legislators as they arrive in Baton Rouge NEXT WEEK to begin their veto override session.

LFF is also headed back to the Capitol to once again debate Fairness in Women’s Sports.

The first hurdle has been cleared, but some lawmakers have yet to show the courage to do what their conscience tells them is right and support a veto override to protect Women’s Sports, which enjoys broad support from Louisiana voters. Some political commentators even suggested this week that Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns, who is recovering from knee surgery, could be offered a personal invitation and then assistance to attend the veto override session, as was done for at least one legislator in the past (skip to 23:50 to see it).

I remain perplexed that any serious political analyst or lawmaker would attempt to spin the tale that biological males don’t pose a threat to female athletes in competition. Governor John Bel Edwards and his surrogates assert that SB 156 is a solution in search of a problem. This is plain wrong, and it turns a deaf ear to numerous female athletes who have voiced concern only to be silenced by a woke left and politically complicit media. When Cynthia Monteleone protested after a male beat her female teammate in an event at the 2019 World Championships, a USA Track and Field administrator told her to keep her mouth shut “for her own safety.”

We must never allow Cynthia’s plight to visit female athletes in Louisiana!

PLEASE contact your lawmakers and ask them to commit to support Fairness in Women’s Sports!

Finally, make plans to join us at the State Capitol on Tuesday July 20th at 11 am for a time of prayer and to witness this history making moment! Go to lafamilyforum.org for details.



Earlier this week, a handful of sheriffs (12 out of the state’s 64) attended a press conference to express opposition to constitutional carry legislation. Although the media presented it as the uniformity among law enforcement, that simply is not the case.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington quickly reacted to make sure his everyone knows where he stands: I stand in support of Constitutional Carry so that law-abiding residents of Louisiana can carry a firearm without having to obtain a permit,” he said.

Louisiana is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave, and beyond the fact that the United States Constitution provides for the right to bear arms, the reality is, if confronted with a dangerous situation, most people do not have time to wait for the police to arrive. The right to self-defense is an essential right for Louisiana families right and our lawmakers ought to support it.

Let your lawmakers know your view on constitutional carry!


There is disturbing news out of Baton Rouge and Shreveport. Operation Rescue, a pro-life watchdog group, is calling on state officials to investigate after two alarming discoveries.

In Baton Rouge, a homeless man actually led pro-life activists to a dumpster behind an abortion clinic. There, they found bloodied patient gowns and confidential patient information. In Shreveport, activists found biohazard bags with human remains. Not only is this unsettling and heartbreaking, but it also likely violates the law.

We hate to hear about these things, but it’s important that the abortion industry continues to be exposed for its evil practices. Despite a litany of strong pro-life bills, we still have plenty of work to do here in Louisiana.


Friends, please join me in prayer for Louisiana and our lawmakers that they have the courage to support Women’s Sports and make Louisiana a place where God is honored, families flourish, Life is respected and Liberty reigns. We will do everything we can to push these veto overrides through!

See you Tuesday at 11 am at the State Capitol! Visit lafamilyforum.org for details!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. We can only do this with your help! Our team is headed to the Capitol Building next week to lay the foundation for these last-minute wins. LFF would be grateful for your support!

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