July 23, 2021

Dear Friend,

Louisiana, you spoke loud and clear. You made sure your representatives knew you wanted Fairness in Women’s Sports. Gov. John Bel Edwards experienced Louisiana’s first, historical override session. He was overridden in the Senate and but for two votes in the House - would have been overridden!

Wednesday, I said this to the press:

“I’m very disappointed with the 68-30 outcome today. We had the 70 votes necessary to override going in. Three “yes” votes flipped in the final moments due to the governor’s persuasion and much misinformation circulating the chamber. Those who voted politics over principle will have to answer to their constituents. (See final vote here.)

The problem this bill addressed is real – the governor’s 2016 Executive Order and this action in the Louisiana Legislature will not be the final word on Fairness in Women’s Sports.”

Quick observation  "For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks." Luke 56: 43-45.

This is not the final outcome — a duplicate measure will be pre-filed under author Beth Mizel for the next session. I also expect Speaker Clay Schexnayder to discipline his leadership — who lied to him, changed their vote, and hung him out to dry — in a fairly quick manner.


Tuesday’s failure to pass constitutional carry in Louisiana is due to three Republicans who supported SB118 during the regular session but then flipped: 

  • Senator Patrick Connick (Marrero)
  • Senator Franklin Foil (Baton Rouge)
  • Senator Louie Bernard (Natchitoches)

We applaud all of the lawmakers who chose to honor the United States Constitution by supporting SB118 until the end.

This battle has awakened the fire in many Louisiana citizens, and the push for constitutional carry will be back!


The governor’s final words to Louisiana constituents at his press conference show just how disconnected he is to the majority of Louisiana:

“At the end of the day, the Legislature got it right and I’m immensely thankful for that,” Governor Edwards said. 

The Advocate called it “an economic win and a moral victory for the state.”

The governor and his friends at The Advocate know that these are misrepresentations of the overwhelming majority of the Legislature who voted in favor of the veto overrides. The constitutional carry bill was short just one vote in the Senate. Fairness in Women’s Sports fell only two votes shy in the House. That’s not success -  that’s narrowly escaping discipline by the slightest margin. What the Governor is trying to say is, “I make winners and losers.” That's the way of governors in Louisiana. Never mind what the majority of voters wanted. 

Governor Edwards and the Black Caucus Leadership that whipped their members to the point of tears failed the women of Louisiana, ignored the majority, and they are mistaken to think they have dodged these critical issues for good.



The support and enthusiasm generated by this veto override session was absolutely impressive — now, a reorganization has begun.

Thank you for joining LFF with your fervent support and heartfelt prayers to this point – but we’re not done!

Stick with us, stay in the fight. God calls us to fight for truth no matter the obstacles!

LFF will strive to build a future for Louisiana where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish, and liberty reigns.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. We were so close to passing critical legislation, which means we are going to push even harder for faith, family, and freedoms here in Louisiana! Will you join us with your support?

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