August 27, 2021

Dear Friends,

This morning my friend Pastor Duane Bland at Thibodaux Family Church released this word of encouragement ahead of Hurricane Ida's arrival: 

“Predictions of another storm in the area stirs a people to prepare. Every precaution should begin with our hearts humbled before the Lord, who has promised to be our shield and sphere of protection. It's another opportunity to arise in faith for the promised outcome! This storm is just one of many storms in our land that require our attention. ‘There is power in the house of the righteous.’ (Proverbs 15:6) If we will repent, and pursue Jesus, He will heal our land!”

Also, please join us in praying for the families of the U.S. Marines and soldiers killed in the bombings in Kabul yesterday. The loss of life is absolutely devastating and threat of further bombings looms large. 

We pray for the families of those impacted, that they may find comfort in God. We pray for the safety of those who remain in Afghanistan, and we pray for the speedy evacuation of all American personnel. Amen.


For news on the national front…

…long gone are the calls for abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.” Now, D.C. Democrats are pushing abortion on-demand, and funded by the taxpayers, too. All of this is purportedly done in the name of “reproductive health” and “women’s rights.”

The latest move by U.S. House Democrats, however, can hardly be described as promoting health or rights. In fact, more than six dozen House Democrats are asking the FDA to drop its safety protocols surrounding the chemical abortion drug. If the FDA drops these REMS (Risk, Evaluation, and Mitigation Strategy), they will open the door for unrestricted online purchase of chemical abortion pills without "clients" signing safety agreements before receiving medication.

We’re encouraged by pro-life groups like Live Action who are trailblazers in educating the general public about the realities of abortion, including the facts about the abortion pill that proponents are trying to hide with the FDA’s cooperation.

Keep fighting for the truth – share the facts about this latest effort!


AG Jeff Landry recently penned a letter to universities encouraging them that while they can and should adopt reasonable policies to protect students and staff, due consideration needs to be given to those requesting exemptions: 

“I urge you to approach policy development with a view toward respecting both public health and individual rights and to seek the least restrictive means necessary in seeking to achieve the compelling government interest of protecting public health. 

This is, after all, your legal duty and will avoid unnecessary litigation.”

We urge all Louisiana universities and businesses to follow this guidance in the interest of both public health and individual rights!


The proposed casino in Slidell has been named: the Camellia Bay Resort and Casino. St. Tammany Parish voters will have the choice to approve or deny the casino on the October ballot. LFF will oppose this effort.

The $325 million promised plan should be met with caution.

LFF, along with many religious groups in the area, have warned that not only will traffic worsen, but the Slidell and St. Tammany community will also see the negative consequences of increased instances and severity of gambling addictions and irresponsibility.

St. Tammany voters – your voice matters in October! 


FriendsLFF is grateful for supporters like you who rely so deeply on faith and enthusiastically accept the call to prayer. 

We continue to pray for freedom and truth in Louisiana and hope that you will join LFF in fighting for these values by attending our annual gala on September 23rd in Baton Rouge!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Secure your spot at the gala now!

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