“In a sort of ghastly simplicity, we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”
- C.S. Lewis in
The Abolition of Man

August 31, 2018


Much can be said about “modern thought” which comes in several forms. There is The Advocate editorial defending the Lafayette Library’s new Drag Queen policy for 3 year olds. There is also the “modern thought” of the Lafayette Public Library Board and administrators who thought it wise to invite this controversy.

In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis warned about the omission of character in education as well as the pursuit of truth, goodness, or beauty. Many still desire these attributes, but when public officials refuse to make age appropriate decisions to protect innocence, and the media's complicit, then one must wonder if they even have the capacity to either govern or recognize threats. In the process, Virtue is lost.

Lewis prophetically warned:

“the operation of [much modern education and curricula] is to produce what may be called Men without Chests. It is an outrage that they should be commonly spoken of as Intellectuals. This gives them the chance to say that he who attacks them attacks Intelligence. It is not so. They are not distinguished from other men by any unusual skill in finding truth nor any virginal ardor to pursue her. Indeed, it would be strange if they were: a persevering devotion to truth, a nice sense of intellectual honor, cannot be long maintained without the aid of a sentiment which [many modern students] could debunk as easily as any other. It is not excess of thought but defect of fertile and generous emotion that marks them out. Their heads are no bigger than the ordinary: it is the atrophy of the chest beneath that makes them seem so.

And all the time – such is the tragi-comedy of our situation – we continue to clamor for those very qualities we are rendering impossible… In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

Louisiana, if you desire virtue, you must model virtue. To do so, you must believe that there is such a thing. The current cast of characters in what Lewis would call a “tragi-comedy” don’t seem to think so.

Perhaps when sufficient sunshine does not disinfect, then it’s time to turn up the heat!

Parents have the right to be informed and to have a voice in what happens at the Lafayette library, particularly about their children. Drag Queen Story Time is not a Lafayette idea. The national DQSH organization and the American Library Association have recruited groups and libraries to host these events. LFF research has found planned activities in 40 states—geared toward accessing 3-year-old children. The Parish Library Director, Teresa Elberson (teresa.elberson@lafayettepubliclibrary.org), made this decision for Lafayette. We are still in the dark on the process by which this decision was made. There are no email addresses or phone numbers to contact the Library Board for citizens to voice their concerns. This means there is no accountability.

Parents should speak up!

The next scheduled Library Board of Control meeting is on September 17th. At the September 18th Lafayette City-Parish Council meeting, citizens will have the opportunity for public comment. Make plans to attend these meetings to respectfully let your position be known. The library and its board are ultimately accountable to the City-Parish Council, who is accountable to tax paying voters for how they use Lafayette dollars.

If you have not already done so:

  1. Sign this petition.
  2. Email the Lafayette library (listed below).
  3. Email the Lafayette City-Parish Council (listed below).

The message: Drag queens are “adult-only” subject matter. Parents and concerned residents must echo loudly that ‘there is no appropriate way to introduce a child to age-inappropriate ideas.” This event needs to be cancelled. Please let LFF know if you get a response from the library. Email addresses and contact information is apparently being removed from the website, which is completely unacceptable.

Help your taxpayer funded public officials find their courage! Last week, a DQSH event in Arkansas was canceled after concerned parents spoke up!


In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

Library Contact Info:

Administrative Offices:  (337) 261-5781

Library Director: Teresa Elberson – Email:  teresa.elberson@lafayettepubliclibrary.org

Community Relations: (337) 261-5763 – Email: keith.guidry@lafayettepubliclibrary.org

Library Programming: (337) 261-5786 – Email: kathy.mulloy@lafayettepubliclibrary.org

Outreach Services:     (337) 261-5789 – Email: amy.wander@lafayettepubliclibrary.org

Council Contact Info:

Council District #1     (337) 291-8801     KevinNaquin@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #2     (337) 291-8802     JayCastille@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #3     (337) 291-8803     PatrickLewis@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #4     (337) 291-8804     KennethBoudreaux@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #5     (337) 291-8805     JaredBellard@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #6     (337) 291-8806     BruceConque@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #7     (337) 291-8807     NanetteCook@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #8     (337) 291-8808     LizHebert@LafayetteLA.gov

Council District #9     (337) 291-8809     WilliamTheriot@LafayetteLA.gov


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