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September 14, 2018


Perhaps the sordid tale of the Lafayette Drag Queen Story Time for 3 year-olds is familiar by now. Many of us are astounded that the public library officials simply don’t understand why it is not a good idea to present a hyper-sexualized agenda to preschoolers.

The Drag Queen Story Time is just the latest production in a radical nationwide LGBTQ agenda.

Recall the Executive "Bathroom" Order of Governor John Bel Edwards in which discrimination in state government based on sexual orientation and gender identity was prohibited? Well, the current library controversy is the decaying fruit of John Bel Edwards’ (and others) attempt to promote an LGBTQ political agenda!

Attorney General Jeff Landry challenged that order in court and prevailed. Had he not, it is plausible that a claim of discrimination could have been lodged against the Lafayette City-Parish and Mayor Joel Robideaux. As an "entity" receiving state funding, the City-Parish arguably falls under the purview of that order. Hence, Roubideaux’s call to cancel and the Council’s effort to denounce both run afoul of the edict to not ‘discriminate,’ creating a potential cause of action against both the council and the mayor. Fortunately, because of AG Landry’s courage to pursue the challenge, that is not the case.

And then, there is the complicity of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as seen in their 2012 LGBTQ Minor and their current "Gender and Sexuality Studies" minor. At present, the University’s LGBTQ advocacy includes a sexually oriented fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi.

For the record, this is the individual who has been selected to entertain an audience of 3 year-olds to discuss the "normalcy, tolerance, and acceptance" of "gender fluidity." It should be noted that recent reports place the suicide attempts for adolescent teens identifying as gender non-conforming at 40 percent. If this "effort" seems ill-advised, just know that the American Library Association has undertaken a nationwide effort with the nationwide Drag Queen Story Hour coalition. So far, they’ve introduced these programs in 40 states.

Numerous parties have rightly expressed concern!

A message was sent to the City-Parish Council from your Lafayette Legislative Delegation:

"We applaud Mayor-President Joel Robideaux on calling for the drag queen story time to be canceled. Further, we join the Lafayette pastors in calling on the City Council to go on record that this is not age-appropriate material for 3-6-year-olds and to take necessary corrective action."

House Speaker Taylor Barras, Representatives Blake Miguez, Julie Emerson, Nancy Landry, and Jean-Paul Coussan. We are awaiting responses from other members of the Acadiana delegation.

This open letter was sent to the City-Parish Council from fifty Lafayette area pastors:

Dear City Council (Jared Bellard and William Theriot),

We are a group of spiritual leaders who humbly recognize those in authority. We honor, obey and pray diligently for our elected officials.  It is out of a sense of love and compassion for all people that we share our hearts with you.

We know you and your colleagues on the Lafayette City-Parish Council have received expressions of passion in support for and in opposition to Drag Queen Story Time at the Lafayette library. We applaud Mayor-President Joel Robideaux’s call for this event to be canceled.

Your colleagues have stated through their press release of August 31, 2018, that they will not intervene with the Lafayette Public Library Board of Control. We respectfully appeal to you that, indeed, the council does have responsibility and should act to protect the children of Lafayette Parish. We believe this is an inappropriate selection for three to six-year-old children.

Since the Mayor and Council have the responsibility to appoint members of this board, we urge you to review the Library Board of Control’s parameters by which children story hour readers are selected and approved. In light of the sensitive nature of protecting the innocence of children, please share these parameters with us.

We urge you to pass a resolution stating that the council’s position is that this is not an age-appropriate educational program or presentation.

And finally:

LFF obtained this statement from the Duck Commander and his pastor, Phil, and Al Robertson:

"We are living in a time where the encroachment of sensitive and personal information seems to be thrust on our children at earlier and earlier ages. The proposal of 'Drag Queen Story Hour' in public libraries to young children is another example of this increasing infringement on parental rights to teach our own children and grandchildren about sexuality and other personal matters. We believe families should have the right to teach their own children and grandchildren and determine what ages are appropriate for that.

We are asking our entire nation, but especially our home state of Louisiana, to discourage and cancel these readings, which in our opinion are nothing more than indoctrination to a certain lifestyle that many don’t want their young children exposed to. We implore everyone to talk to and teach their own young children about sexual and personal matters within their families."

I say Phil and Al are correct! Enough with the radical attempt to access children with an inappropriate, sexually-oriented, political message and using taxpayer resources to do so.

I strongly urge you to let your voice be heard this Tuesday night, September 18, at the Lafayette Council Meeting. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. and there will be an opportunity for public comment.

Please continue to communicate with the Council members this LFF 60-Second Brigade Action Alert!

Serving Him,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. – Pray with us as we continue to pray for our friends on the East Coast!


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