October 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Congress passed a stopgap funding bill yesterday, narrowly averting a government shutdown.

That was the easy part. 

America will still default on its loans on October 18th unless the debt ceiling is raised, and that is the bargaining chip being bantered on Capitol Hill today.

Here is the scoop:

Republicans refuse to raise the ceiling unless Democrats rein in spending. Democrats could raise the ceiling alone by adding it to a $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act, but progressive Democrats won’t pass the $1 trillion infrastructure bill unless Build Back is passed “as-is.”

Plus, Sen. Manchin (D-WV) won’t pass the Build Back unless the price tag is dropped to $1.5 trillion.

Many people don’t have an intuitive sense of the difference between million, billion, or a trillion.

A Million seconds is 11.5 days,
A Billion seconds is 31.5 years.
A Trillion seconds is 31,710 yrs. 

Keep that in mind while D.C. debates adding $3.5 trillion to our existing debt of $29 trillion!

To be continued...today! 

Recently, I signed a document, the Warren Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, & Authority. I did so because of the campaign underway to demonize so many Americans.

Kathleen Sebelius likens unvaccinated Americans to those who blow 'secondhand smoke' on others: 'That is not acceptable'

For the record, I am not an "anti-vaxxer," but I am a rule of law, right of conscience, Hippocratic Oath, Christian. I am not asking you to take a specific position. I’m just warning that it is not in the power of a legitimate government to do so for either you or me. I believe that your research, personal physician, and conscience should inform your position on whether to get a vaccine. What is clearly unconscionable are threats from your government, your employer, or your neighbor because of "non-participation.”

I am asking that you help me stop demagoguery, end the witch hunt, and allow Scripture to become your guide and to speak for you on important life issues like this one.

What is the Warren Declaration?

This theological declaration was created to provide doctrinal clarity on issues of biblical authority and ethics related to medical mandates. The declaration is intended to equip churches in providing biblical guidance and in assisting individuals who are being coerced.

What does the Declaration say about civil authorities?

The Declaration affirms that "all authority" comes from God and is only delegated to serve His greater purpose. Human authority is never given absolute authority, which would essentially be idolatry. Civil authority always has limited, defined jurisdiction, even during emergencies.

Christians should obey God, and while a good Christian may obey an unjust command without engaging in sin, disobedience to an unjust command is also permissible if it is outside of the civil authorities’ authentic jurisdiction. 

What does that mean in the context of medical mandates?

First, civil authority has not been "granted power" over personal, family, or “public" health.

Some pro-mandate voices, even “Christian" ones, mistakenly assume that some passages of the Bible indicate the right to enforce mandates & segregation; the Declaration explicitly denies this.

Governments simply do not have the authority to remove one’s right to pursue a livelihood, enforce lockdowns, or limit the movements of citizens. These are violations of constitutional and medical freedoms and civil liberties.

This segment of the declaration is particularly crucial:

WE DENY that the existence of communicable viruses, viral testing mechanisms, or the invention of vaccinations creates a new standard of morality whereby a healthy person simply conducting their affairs in society without vaccination, viral testing, or wearing a mask is evidence of criminally or morally reckless behavior…. 

A Christian must follow his or her own conscience. 

By visiting the Warren Declaration website, you can read the full text of the document and its signatories. If your pastor or faith organization has not reviewed, please consider forwarding this email so they may consider.

I am also including links to other external resources that contain a variety of forms useable for opt-outs for mandates and explanations of your legal rights:

Liberty Counsel 

  • Includes a variety of sample letters written from different perspectives 
  • A video guide to the exemption process with Mat Staver
  • Summary of rights and correct procedures

Alliance Defending Freedom

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: why it matters
  • “Summary Guidance for Religious Accommodations and Exemptions from COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and FAQs” – provided free

First Liberty

  • Free “Religious Liberty Protection Kit” which explains rights regarding vaccine mandates       

AG Landry's Philosophical exemption letter

AG Landry's Religious exemption letter

Friends, I urge you to consider how incredible a governmental feat the current effort has been at convincing 200 million+ Americans to participate.

Pro-mandate friends should pause and celebrate what is perhaps the most successful political and media campaign in American history!

I caution these "supporters" against the use of fear, coercion, or threats which have no place in this process or America's constitutional republic.

Each individual has a right to deliberate, decide, and deny or accept any recommended medical procedure. To embrace anything less than mutual respect is simply not liberty, certainly not "medicinal," and borders on tyrannical!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Kudos to Pastor Neil Bernard and our friends at New Wine Christian Fellowship in Laplace, Louisiana who were featured on Good Morning America yesterday. Check out the video here!

Continued thanks to the dozens of non-profit organizations who have run toward the devastation in Louisiana. Their assistance to LFF and our communicating, cooperating network of pastors and churches have tag-teamed to serve - meals, relief, supplies, and mostly, HOPE!

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