October 15, 2021

Dear Friends,

Accolades to Louisiana Judge Scott Schlegel for top honors in the legal arena! 

Now for the sobering news: Many of you have heard of the shocking cover-up that was exposed in Loudoun County, Virginia this week. Recently, a female student was reportedly raped in a girls’ high school restroom by a biological male wearing a skirt who was allowed to access the ladies room because of his “chosen identity”.

The Loudoun County School Board covered up the incident for political purposes. The school board was seeking to approve a district-wide bathroom policy which would allow male students to use ladies’ restrooms. When the father of the violated girl showed up to the public meeting to warn the community about what happened to his daughter, he was silenced, forcefully removed and then arrested! Reports indicate the biological boy has attacked another female student since then! 

The “bathroom policy” was so vigorously opposed that the meeting was declared an unlawful assembly! Next, will opposing parents be deemed domestic threats?

This speaks to Louisiana’s Save Women’s Sports Act, which was vetoed by Governor John Bel Edwards this last session as “unnecessary” and the efforts of President Joe Biden, the DOJ, and FBI who threatened to prosecute parents who speak out at local school board meetings on issues “not on the agenda” as domestic terrorists


 #HelpNotHarm summit!


Transgender ideology and its migration to government schools showcased a critical low in Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. How many more young ladies will be sacrificed to sexual politics before we wake up and realize what’s happening?

If this report concerns you, join our “Bootcamp session” at the #HelpNotHarm Summit today. You'll learn how you can make a difference—including at school and with school boards.

Children struggling with gender dysphoria deserve real help—not the harm of hormones and surgery. And transgender ideology forced into children’s schools is always the wrong policy.

Join the #HelpNotHarm Summit Now.

The event is FREE, but registration is required—and it closes in 3 hours!

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A startling report reveals that the new sex education “common core” standards are completely radical and immoral, teaching 6th graders about abortion and requiring educators to tell their 9th grade classrooms where to find local abortion clinics.

About 40% of school districts had adopted the older standards created in 2011, but these 2020 standards adamantly support abortion in all scenarios. The standards also introduce sexually explicit material and “gender identity” topics to children in kindergarten!

Government-run education is a sordid deal. Parents have every reason to be fed up with the system!


Friends, if you are becoming increasingly frustrated and upset with public education, you have every right to be. Remember that God, however, is on our side and He will see us through these spiritual and earthly battles!

Please pray for Louisiana and families across America, that we may restore and rebuild a nation that honors God.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

Continued thanks to the dozens of non-profit organizations who have run toward the devastation in Louisiana!

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