End of Week with Gene Mills

October 18, 2019


Emily, a mom of seven in Minnesota, purposely sent her children to a classical charter school in order to avoid the problems which plague many public schools. Then, parents that were convinced their child was transgender transferred into the school and—with the help of an LGBT-political organization—pressured the school to adopt “transgender policies.” The school even brought in LGBT apologists to argue the normalcy of a transgender ethos. Parents, students, and teachers were denied the opportunity to opt-out or present their concerns with such a program. Ultimately, Emily had to find a new school for her children.

Annette is the mom of a brand-new middle schooler in New Jersey who just learned she would be forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with any boy who self-identifies as a girl at her school. Her daughter was so distraught by this that Annette asked for a face to face meeting with the principal. Instead, the principal told her that this policy is allowed under New Jersey law and has worked to make arrangements for a private restroom for her daughter at school.

Chelsea, the mom of a kindergartner in California, was shocked when her child’s class was taught about transgender theory through books, as well as a student being “revealed as the opposite sex.” Chelsea was most concerned that parents were never even informed about this topic being introduced in Kindergarten—nor given a choice about removing her child from this ‘lesson’. 

Unfortunately, these true stories are not “fringe examples.” Instead, they are becoming a patterned norm. Parents of children in both public and private schools are facing difficult situations involving transgender advocacy. Even parents who homeschool are finding that their children being exposed to the issue in unexpected ways.

Before you say these issues don’t affect Louisiana, remember the 2016 Executive Order by Governor John Bel Edwards granting special rights based on perceived gender identity. This order would have exposed children’s safety and privacy in bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex (and perhaps even to those with bad intentions.) Ultimately the State Supreme Court stopped this misguided order.

Just last month, parents in Oakdale, Louisiana expressed outrage after their middle-school children were asked sexually explicit questions on a survey at the school-based health center. And last week, a high school principal at a New Orleans area high school refused to serve a FREE meal donated from Chick-fil-A at an employee luncheon. The sexual political agenda has made its way to Louisiana schools!

Because we hear from so many parents wondering how to properly respond to these trends, I’d like to invite you to download your FREE copy of the Parent Resource Guide on the Transgender Issue. If you would like to order a print version, click here.

Designed with parents in mind in conjunction with our friends from the Minnesota Family Council, Family Policy Alliance, The Heritage Foundation and other concerned organizations, this guide will prove a valuable resource for parents all over Louisiana.

A child’s innocence is a precious thing – we won’t allow bad policy to violate either!

For Louisiana Families,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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