November 20, 2020

Dear Friend,

That header is the tongue-in-cheek effort of my affable artist of a daughter-in-law, Lady Katherine Mills of Légende Artwerks, to lighten up the chaos we call 2020!

Regardless of what some in government assert must be canceled, we nonetheless will enter a season of celebration and Thanksgiving. 2020 is a target-rich environment to intentionally position and prioritize gratitude and reflect on the things which last eternally.

Are other crises on the horizon? Will fear arrest the hearts of our countrymen and rob them of their freedoms and liberties? Only time will tell.

Despite the uncertainty and chaos we witness, we have so much to be certain of & grateful for.

"The Most High is sovereign in the kingdoms of men, and commits them to whomsoever He will" (Daniel 4:9). Continue to pray for light to expose darkness and for justice to prevail and thrive.

Consider also for a moment the progress that our nation has made, under a Trump administration, on treatments for COVID-19. In the early days of the virus, hospitalizations and death rates skyrocketed; few understood this opponent. But fast forward to today and we have treatments and therapeutics, dramatically decreasing the death rate. In fact, the rate of infection mortality has dropped to just 2.2%.  A 97.8% rehabilitation rate is something to be extremely grateful for!

Aside from COVID treatment improvements, we also, within the last year, finally won a U.S. Supreme Court majority that will issue rock solid decisions on the moral and ethical issues of our day. We didn’t have that four years ago. That is something else to be significantly grateful for.

As we enter another season of political uncertainty and promised gridlock, we divert our eyes from the shiny promises of politics – at least for a moment – as we focus with gratitude on the redemptive work and supernatural birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For that I am thankful!

Here are a few stories we believe deserve some attention as you head into your weekend:

Shreveport-area Congressman and longtime LFF ally Mike Johnson has again been promoted in the ranks of House Leadership. Congressman Johnson will serve as the Vice President of the House Republican Conference, the policy arm of the Republican Caucus. Johnson joins Steve Scalise as the second Louisiana Congressman in the leadership ranks. Well done Congressman Johnson!

Senator Bill Cassidy is advocating that President Trump exhaust all legal options before conceding any ground in the presidential election. The media may be fierce in their advocacy for Joe Biden, but he isn’t the president-elect until the Electoral College says so. Almost 74 million Americans chose President Trump for four more years; they, too, deserve to have confidence in their election system.

Governor John Bel Edwards is advocating that people take ‘proper precautions’ as they work through their Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. While some other governors have advocated for a complete cancellation of holidays, Governor Edwards has simply asked us to be smart and to keep gatherings smaller than we might normally.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is celebrating a birthday tomorrow as well. Happy Birthday, Senator!

Finally, LFF is entering the final phase of our year-end giving program. We need to raise a $100,000 before the end of 2020 to ensure that our programs are fully funded for the year ahead. Would you step up and help us reach our goal? We would be grateful for your support.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. The print at the top of this email is available in Christmas card format, alongside other prints, and is available for purchase at Légende Artwerks, or by calling (225) 223-2790.

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