Please VOTE YES on HB463!

Protect minors from harmful and unnecessary medical procedures!

May 1, 2023

Dear 60-Second Brigade,

On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 9:00  a.m., the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee will consider HB463 by Rep. Gabe Firment (R-Pollock).

We have all heard of the explosion of medical treatments involving minors who struggle with questions about their sexuality. We have also heard of the horror stories of those who are now faced with a lifetime of sterility, heartache, and remorse over the chemical and surgical mutilation of their bodies. A growing movement of “detransitioners” have come to realize - after undergoing hormone treatments or mutilating surgeries - that they were lied to, that their medical gender transition was a devastating mistake, and that their true “gender identity” is aligned with their biological sex. Science and common sense tell us that children are not mature enough to properly evaluate the serious, lifelong ramifications when making important medical decisions. The decision to undergo dangerous, experimental, and likely sterilizing gender-transition procedures is no exception. 

Children who experience discomfort with their biological sex deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They are best served by compassionate, effective mental health care, not unproven, unnatural, life-altering, and even permanently sterilizing puberty blockers, hormones, and mutilating surgical procedures.

The SAVE ACT protects minors from harmful and unnecessary medical procedures. No one in Louisiana has a right to harm any child.

Please ask the members of the Health and Welfare Committee to protect minors from harmful and unnecessary medical procedures.

Please ask the committee members to please VOTE YES on HB463 by Rep. Gabe Firment by clicking here or the Take Action Now button below!

Thank You!
The LFF 60-Second Brigade Team


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