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Capitol Update!

March 23, 2018

Dear LFF Friend,

Team LFF continues to research and track bills, following committee proceedings and monitoring floor debates. One finding is that the gambling industry has accelerated a slew of gaming bills which should reach the House and Senate floor next week.

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  • HB 91 by Rep. Thibaut - Changes race track casino maximum number of machines. Currently based on size. PASSED THE HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE.
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  • SB 316 by Sen. Johns - These bills allow riverboats to establish facilities on land within 1200 feet of their current berth, making all 15 riverboats "land-based" with potential for sprawl. PASSED THE SENATE JUDICIARY B COMMITTEE.
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  • SB 320 by Sen. Johns - Allows riverboat casino operations' promotional offers to reduce the taxes they pay to the state. PASSED THE SENATE JUDICIARY B COMMITTEE.
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  • SB 417 by Sen. White - Authorizes the Tangipahoa River as a designated waterway for a riverboat casino. PASSED THE SENATE JUDICIARY B COMMITTEE.
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  • HB 553 by Rep. Barras - A 30-year, no-bid extension of the operating contract for Harrah's Casino in New Orleans. PASSED THE HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE.
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  • SB 228 by Sen. Morrell - Nondiscrimination in public schools based on gender identity and sexual orientation. DEFERRED FOR THE SESSION.
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  • SB 224 by Sen. Barrow - Promotes "In God we Trust" in public schools. PASSED THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE.
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  • SB 253 by Sen. Milkovich - Allows school employee to participate in student-initiated prayer at school, even if it is during the day and not before or after school. PASSED THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE.
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  • HB 312 by Rep. Abraham - Prohibits Department of Economic Development from issuing final certification on the production of a pornographic film. PASSED THE HOUSE.
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  • SB 335 by Sen. Mizell - Increases fines for purchasing commercial sex. PASSED THE SENATE JUDICIARY C COMMITTEE.

Coming Next Week…

Stay tuned next week as we continue to advance life, liberty, and limited government in the halls of the Louisiana State Capitol!

This weekend is Palm Sunday. As the Lenten season draws to a close and you prepare for the most significant day in human history, Resurrection Sunday, we have few Louisiana Family Forum legislative prayer requests:

  • Pray that Light of God's Word would guide our public servants in the line of duty.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw lawmakers to Christ.
  • Pray that the political factions will find principled, common ground which serves the best interest of Louisiana families.
  • Pray that all of Louisiana will reflect on the offer of new life in Christ made possible by his Resurrection!
  • Pray that God will continue to bless Louisiana!

In His Service,
GeneMillssig.jpgGene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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