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Legislature Rolls Dice on Gambling!

April 6, 2018


The Gambling Industry is on the move at the Louisiana State Capitol! Team LFF has been non-stop since early Monday with 37 separate gambling bills! Other issues being discussed and voted on are surrogacy, abortion, free speech, and gun control. There is a lot more to come in the weeks ahead! Most of the authors of these bills have about two weeks to get across the finish line before talks turn to the budget! LFF remains your "Watchman in the Hall" of power!

Yesterday, I was honored to assist Sen. Rick Ward in the Senate Education Committee to present SB364 which requires Colleges and Universities to honor the free speech rights of students and faculty. The measure passed with no objection.

This Week…

Wednesday was "Pro-Life Day at the Capitol!" The following measures passed in the House Health and Welfare Committee:

  • HB273 by Rep. Hoffmann - post-abortion interment or cremation of human remains. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • HB287 by Rep. Edmonds - limits assessment of penalties under law concerning information to be conveyed to a woman considering abortion when informational documents are not available. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • HB338 by Rep. Hoffmann - entities which perform abortions in Louisiana prohibited from receiving public funding. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • HB449 by Rep. Edmonds - incorporates adoption information as part of the Woman's Right to Know before an abortion. PASSED
  • SB396 by Sen. G. Smith - removes safeguards built into Louisiana surrogacy law. This bill was delayed until next week.

The House Education Committee heard two bills dealing with contraception-based sex education in public schools. Pro-family forces prevailed against testimony from a Planned Parenthood affiliated doctor on the following measures:

  • HB499 by Rep. P. Smith - requires sex education in public schools. FAILED
  • green-check.png
  • HB554 by Rep. P. Smith - sex surveys in public schools. FAILED
  • green-check.png
  • HB625 by Rep. Edmonds - allows for maternity leave for teachers who adopt a child. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • SB297 by Sen. Claitor - intrusive sex surveys in public schools with parental opt out. This bill passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

The gambling industry is working aggressively to convince lawmakers that their proposals do not expand gambling in Louisiana, camouflaged as "de-regulation." This is still a bad bet for the people of Louisiana. The following measures were heard in Senate Judiciary B Committee:

  • SB266 by Sen. Martiny - would allow sports betting everywhere gambling is allowed in Louisiana. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • SB313 by Sen. Lafleur - Increases race track casino gambling capacity. PASSED
  • green-check.png
  • SB322 by Sen. Martiny - would allow internet gaming in Louisiana. FAILED
  • SB316 by Sen. Johns and SB318 and SB321 by Sen. Martiny - Would allow riverboats to morph into "land-based boats." The Senate debate was delayed until next week on this bill due to a lack of support.
  • SB417 by Sen. White - Referendum in Tangipahoa Parish to allow riverboat gaming. Authorizes the Tangipahoa River as a designated waterway for a riverboat casino. The Senate debate was delayed until next week on this bill due to a lack of support.

In His Service,
GeneMillssig.jpgGene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. – Join LFF's 60-Second Brigade today! Already this session, thousands of emails have been sent to Senators and Representatives, each one representing a voice for life, liberty, and limited government. CLICK HERE and make sure your voice is heard!

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