SCOTUS Religious Test?
National Review | July 2018

National Review’s David French writes, "If you ever need much evidence that the growing 'God gap' in American politics fosters an immense amount of ignorance and occasionally outright bigotry, look no farther than the concern — the alarm, even — that Amy Coney Barrett is on President Trump’s short list to replace Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court."

Why do some progressives single her out for particular scorn? It turns out that she’s a faithful Christian who lives a Christian life very similar to the lives of millions upon millions of her fellow American believers.

The appointment of the next Supreme Court justice will be of paramount importance in the coming months — and in the next elections, according to religion and culture expert, Dr. Alex McFarland. "The importance of the Supreme Court was why so many Christians headed to the polls for the presidential election," McFarland said, "because they knew they were voting for more than a president who would serve for four years, but also hopefully for a conservative jurist who might serve on the bench for 30 years or more. Conservative Americans who value the Constitution knew the 2016 election was crucial and the makeup of court was in play—and indeed it was. All Christians must pray that the next Supreme Court justice—and any that may follow with future retirements—will also uphold these ideals and render opinions that will continue to protect both religious and free speech rights."


Louisiana Science Education Act Turns 10!
Still No Lawsuits! | July 2018

This week we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of the passage of the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA).

It was a turning point in the effort to secure academic freedom for science teachers. That effort was never going to be an overnight success, but the LSEA marked an important beginning.

Why is it important? In a conversation for Discovery Institute's ID the Future, John West and Sarah Chaffee discuss the act, adapted from model language by the Center for Science & Culture, and why it matters. A point Dr. West makes is that the LSEA was a "stereotype breaker." Stereotypes are of course one of the top weapons that Darwinists have in their arsenal for discouraging resistance to evolutionary dogma. You don’t want to be one of those science-denying creationist fundamentalists, do you?


Golden Rule Triples Impact
Institute for Faith, Work & Economics | July 2018

American management has produced low productivity, toxic workplace cultures, poor job satisfaction, compromised profitability, abysmal morale, and mistrust between leadership and employees. There is no question that both businesses and nonprofits in America are feeling the heat. The question is whether they will see the light.

This problem has been around for quite a while. Based on Gallup’s data, the lack of engagement of the workforce has been around since at least the turn of the millennium and based on the trends, it shows no sign of changing in the near term.

The American workplace is not changing by itself, nor should we expect it to. While you can’t change the state of the American workplace, you can change the culture in your workplace by embracing the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Don’t focus on what you can’t do, but focus on what you can do. For those who work for you, living the Golden Rule can make a huge impact in their lives. You can impact how they view your organization. You can affect how they feel about the work they do. You can change how they feel about themselves.


LFF Honors Buddy Amoroso
LFF Commentary | The Advocate | July 2018

Buddy Amoroso, Baton Rouge Metro Councilman for District 8, was killed Saturday in a bicycle accident in West Feliciana Parish. Our prayers are with Buddy’s family during this time of grieving. He was a dedicated public servant representing Louisiana in many ways. LFF President Gene Mills had this to say:

"Buddy Amoroso was an honorable man, a faithful husband and father, and a good friend. Baton Rouge owes a debt of gratitude for this life well lived. May God's grace and favor surround his family in their season of loss."

Many officials and leaders in the Baton Rouge community were quick to pay tribute to their friend and colleague. Buddy’s family released this statement:

"Today, our family lost our rock and our community lost a servant. While our hearts are broken, we are lifted in spirit by the outpouring of support from far and near. Buddy loved his family and he adored serving on the Metropolitan Council alongside his colleagues. But most of all, Buddy loved his God and cherished his relationship with Our Lord and Savior. A celebration of Buddy’s life will be announced soon. Thank you, Baton Rouge, for your compassion and support during this difficult time."


American Revolution

By Joshua Voell

After the French and Indian war
Britain was deep in debts so sore
That they taxed the colonies left and right
Which in turn started a fight.

The colonialists drilled and took up arms
And everyone joined, from houses and farms.
The redcoats increased their iron hand
But this was just what the colonies planned.

The colonists marched to a grassy hill
On which they fought...


When do you believe the U.S. Senate should confirm Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement to SCOTUS?

  • BEFORE mid-term elections.
  • AFTER a new Senate is in place.
  • What is "SCOTUS?"
  • I had no idea there was a vacancy.
  • I don't care. Just get it done quickly so we can move forward.

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