Democrats in Congress announced Monday that they have sufficient votes to impeach President Trump on the charge of “inciting insurrection at the U.S. Capitol." The facts are unlikely to matter, as the outcome has been determined, politically solidified, and broadcast. The effort is purely political, shortsighted and symbolic in nature.

If the House votes to impeach, as is expected, the U.S. Senate would need to convene for a trial in order to convict and remove the president – extremely unlikely considering they are not scheduled to meet until the day before the end of Trump’s term. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced no plans to entertain such a Pelosi-pushed charade.

There is the outside possibility of the U.S. Senate voting to convict President Trump after Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) becomes the Senate Majority Leader, but that would require two-thirds vote and must survive legal challenges.

Biden would be well advised to put a halt to this circus!


With the presumed inauguration of Joe Biden a week away, conservatives are taking notice of the amped-up rhetoric being used to describe those who didn’t immediately accept the narrative that the Biden/Harris ticket trounced the Trump/Pence ticket on election night. Senator Coons of Delaware has suggested that Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) should resign from the body – simply for daring to resolve voter irregularities.

LFF condemns the illegal Capitol swarm of January 6th, but we also condemn the inflammatory rhetoric being tossed flippantly by those soon to assume power. When the new administration enters the White House, Americans will be watchful to see who advocates true unity, and who seeks revenge, promotes cancel culture, and engages in political one-upmanship.


Big Tech has teamed up with ascending Democrats to cancel the online existence of a number of American political personas and organizations who they deem to be a “threat to democracy.” These free speech issues will be soon settled in a court of law; until then, many conservatives are finding themselves without a voice.

Facebook and Twitter have been suspending accounts and censoring posts. Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores and Amazon suspended hosting service, causing the app to crash and users to be left without service. Amazon has been sued.

LFF signed onto this statement through Media Research Council:

“Big Tech has declared war on free speech and is now an existential threat to democracy. The tech tyrants began to systematically shut down the conservative movement over the weekend. This is an all out assault on our republic from within like we've never seen before. We will not stand idly by as they cancel conservatives for daring to speak freely.

Big Tech is using the violent riot at the Capitol last week – even though it was immediately condemned by all conservatives – as an excuse to do what they have always wanted to do: banish conservatives from the internet. Over the last 72 hours, Big Tech proved they are too big and too powerful yet again, with Apple, Google, and Amazon collectively shutting down Parler. Free speech was controlled like this in East Germany and the Soviet Union. This should not be happening in America. 

Freedom has never been threatened like this before. We live our lives online, especially now, during the pandemic. The entire conservative movement will be canceled by the left and their thugs if we let them. They will turn the screws on conservatives if we don’t defend our rights. It is time to stand up and demand the breakup of these big tech monopolies."


LFF is excited to share that, while we continue to receive 2020 donations toward our End of Year Campaign, we are already very close -- with $98,100 raised of our $100k goal realized! Thank you for your wise investment!

Team LFF will continue to speak the truth, in a manner conducive to the Christian faith -- relevant, researched and respectful….no matter what!

With that, we anticipate that traditional values will face imbalanced scrutiny from Big Tech, and may be targeted because of our beliefs regarding life, liberty, and limited government.

We are developing a contingency plan in the event that familiar social media platforms are no longer available to LFF stakeholders. We will be investing in a new diversified communications platform which affords us the capacity to reach you via email, text message, and phone calls – and without the consent of Big Brother Tech and the mainstream media.

It’s critically important that we have a platform in place before any interruption by Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Will you join LFF today with a targeted gift to help us in this endeavor?


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