Only weeks after Trump’s departure from the Oval Office, U.S. Senate Democrats are resolved to pull off a witch hunt involving Nancy Pelosi’s second impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. While few expect the trial to result in a conviction, which would require two-thirds of the body, many believe this to be an attempt to identify for the cancel culture who remains loyal to Trump. In the event that a two-thirds majority were reached, the U.S. Senate could then prevent President Trump from ever again holding public office by a simple majority vote.

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy knocked Democrats Monday over the speed at which the House voted to impeach, with innuendo, the former president, comparing it to a ‘show trial’ – the likes of which he said would have been found in the former Soviet Union. Instead, in just five hours, he said, “they kind of judged and then boom, he’s impeached” without any evidence being presented.

America’s out-of-control political class will begin Trump’s trial today in the U.S. Senate.


Leading Democrats ignored and justified violent riots for over 9 months and then became ‘aware’ of the violent potential of such behavior on Jan. 6 when a few entered the Capitol.

Last night, during an FTP (“F*** the police) march, members of BLM and ANTIFA took to the streets of D.C. chanting “burn it down.” The National Guard and liberal media were nowhere to be found – they remain (on Biden’s order) on “high alert” for “Trump insurrections” blind to the real riots launched by BLM & Antifa. This movement has nothing to do with civil rights; it exists to plunge the nation deeper into leftist utopia.


When Twitter’s corporate office closed down one of Focus on the Family’s Twitter accounts last week, it signaled a new era in the age of censorship. Before, when suspending President Trump’s account, or those of numerous personalities, it was always for reasons of “security.” Now, it seems, they’re starting to close accounts for failure to agree with their new, relative morality – especially on issues of life, marriage, or freedom.

LFF has launched a petition effort in cooperation with a number of other concerned organizations. If you aren’t happy about Big Tech’s censorship of conservative voices, we hope you’ll SIGN it and SHARE it with your friends, family, and neighbors. We need to continue sending a loud message to media and Big Tech: you won’t control us.


Louisiana parents have led the way in a transition to homeschooling following more than a year of uncertainty in the government education system and promises from Washington, D.C. to further liberalize curricula. It’s a trend we’re seeing across the United States and we believe it’s a direct response to the indoctrination efforts proposed by the radical left and their allies in government education.

Parents should retain the ability to raise their children in an educational environment that is respectful of core beliefs, and LFF will be proud to support and represent parents in their homeschooling endeavors at the Louisiana legislature during the upcoming legislative session.


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