February 16, 2021

Dear Friend,

As many, my family included, wait out the Winter Storm of 2021 in our icy homes without power, and while doing our best to keep kids, pets, pipes, propane and generators happy, happy, happy, we are reminded of selflessness of our neighbors, who also are strangers to inclement wintry weather – but not to kindness, care and neighborliness.  

It’s those neighbors pulling cars out of a ditch, checking in on an elderly relative, putting cows back in the pasture (yes, we still have cows getting out in Sunshine) or hosting a complete stranger in our homes who may also be without power, Louisiana has a knack for taking care of its “neighbors.” It’s one of the things that makes us “Distinctively Louisiana.”

Given that many are at home today, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get caught up on what’s happening around our nation, state, and culture. The political landscape is moving, and even a few minutes of attention can make a big difference – especially with the legislative session approaching.

Here are a few news items that I think every Louisianian needs to know about:

Congressman Mike Johnson, a true friend to LFF & Louisiana values, says the second Trump impeachment effort was merely an effort to implicate 76 million Trump supporters as unfit to make decisions. In so doing, he was communicating a message to his colleagues and even to Louisiana’s Congressional delegation. I share Mike’s concern and perspective! His interview is worth a read-through.

A new radical activist organization has published a book aimed at pushing Critical Race Theory – the core ideology of the far-left Black Lives Matter movement – into public schools. Although many Americans support each and every human life, including black lives, the actual aims of the leadership activists committed to the BLM cause are far more radical than what Americans see through the lens of the media.

Parler is back up!  A month after being canceled by Amazon Web Services, the Facebook chief competitor is back online. This is a great reminder that free speech and personal privacy are worth fighting (can I say that word?) for!

The United Nations is planning a move to force countries around the world to accept their LGBT promotional agenda, undermining religious liberty and further weakening the traditional, historic definition of family. It’s time for Americans to speak up in defense of the institutions that make our country unique.

Stay safe, warm, and engaged – the future depends on it!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. If you feel so led, LFF would be honored to have you as a financial partner as we approach the upcoming legislative session. This is a great way to impact culture and our state’s future!

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