Saturday’s Special Congressional elections aren’t over. But in the 5th Congressional District race, Julia Letlow emerged triumphant. That makes her the Congresswoman-elect from the 5th Congressional District. When she’s sworn in, she will become the first Republican woman elected to represent Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congratulations Julia & Team Letlow! We know you’ll make Louisiana proud.

Democrat State Senators Troy Carter and Karen Peterson Carter will square off in a runoff to determine who will represent the 2nd Congressional District.

The White House has announced a new “Gender Policy Council,” aimed at promoting LGBT+ and pro-abortion policy objectives through every department of government. This “council” is the first of its kind and intends to promote the most radical social ideas and policies the United States has ever seen.

The Biden gender council will cover an ambitious—and expansive—set of issues, many of which provide an opening for abortion in its policy recommendations. LFF and our other state-level allies will be busy setting up defenses to protect Louisiana families from the incoming assaults.


LFF’s intensive civic leadership training program for 16-to-22 year olds, the Leadership Academy, is starting to fill up. This Academy teaches the biblical, historical, and constitutional foundations our nation was founded upon. Attendees learn leadership skills, life-purpose strategies, advanced communication techniques, public speaking skills, counter-culture methods, and a perspective on government that’s biblically based.

This year’s event will be held June 6-8 in the Greater Baton Rouge area at the Timothy Retreat Center in Baker, Louisiana. Lodging is onsite and included in the registration fee. Adult counselors will be present at all times. For more information on the Leadership Academy, or for details regarding scholarships, click the button below or call Louisiana Family Forum at 225-344-8533.


This week, photos emerged of conditions created by a policy-induced wave of immigrants over the U.S.’ southern border. The media, until yesterday, has mostly ignored this policy faux-paus, in part because the Biden Administration has prevented the press from being able to report accurately. Additionally, some outlets have not reported on the story because it casts doubt on the Biden Administration’s abilities to secure the borders.

Senator Ted Cruz is calling on the Biden Administration to end the press blackout and let the media see the conditions they’ve created with their porous border policies.


This morning's Breakpoint Commentary lays out the concerning impacts sports betting is having on our society:

"Fewer young men are reaching other marks of maturity, either, such as joining or remaining in the work force. With so much time on their hands, many turn to entertainment, video games, addictions, or gambling to stave off the boredom.

The legalization and growth of online gambling has coincided with the legalization of recreational marijuana. This is no coincidence. After all, laws are mostly downstream from the larger culture, and these laws do far more to expand personal license. Rather, they reflect and reinforce an unmistakable message, especially to young men, to aim low, to think short-term thoughts about life and the world, to pursue immediate gratification, and to not aspire to too much."


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