The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a solid ruling in a case involving a philosophy professor who was punished by his employer for declining to use biologically incorrect pronouns for one of his students. Now, he’ll be allowed to seek damages against the university.

“Traditionally, American universities have been beacons of intellectual diversity and academic freedom,” said Judge Amul Thapar in his opinion. “They have prided themselves on being forums where controversial ideas are discussed and debated. And they have tried not to stifle debate by picking sides. But Shawnee State chose a different route: It punished a professor for his speech on a hotly contested issue. And it did so despite the constitutional protections afforded by the First Amendment. The district court dismissed the professor’s free-speech and free-exercise claims. We see things differently and reverse.”

This is an important victory for free speech, personal liberty, and conscience rights. Louisiana universities take note: you may not compel anyone to violate their conscience.

Last Friday, social justice advocate and organizer at the Transgender Law Center “Mariah” Moore formally announced candidacy for Seat D on the New Orleans City Council. If elected, Moore would become the first transgendered elected official in Louisiana.

LFF supports candidates whose views on society and sexuality are compatible with observable science. We encourage you to research who closely aligns with your personal values before the primary election on October the 9th.


President Joe Biden and his allies are furious about Georgia’s new law aimed at strengthening election integrity. Read this great perspective from Cal Thomas:

“Today’s Democrats like to cry…“voter suppression” while Republicans simply attempt to validate every ballot for legitimacy.  American can’t afford to experience a repeat of claims of suspect voting behaviormiscounting, and questions about machines and illegal voters that President Trump alleged characterized the 2020 presidential election.”


P.S. Did you know that illegal immigrants are being given COVID checks from the U.S. government? No wonder there is a border crisis!

LFF is shocked to learn the scope of the most recent COVID “stimulus” -- 90% of which simply could be described as a progressive wishlist. Some may call it Payola!  Stay alert my friends, liberty may be at stake!

In His Service,
Gene Mills
President, LFF


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