Do you ever wonder where all the principled statesmen and Christian leaders have gone?

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), concerned about the growing indifference to the Cultural Mandate, as Chuck Colson called it, in Matthew 28:19-20, is assembling a first-class Worldview Team for the 2021 Leadership Academy, an intensive leadership training program for young adults ages 16-22, on June 6-8th. 

What makes LFF’s Leadership Academy special?  This Academy is grounded in the biblical, historical, and constitutional foundations America was founded upon. Attendees learn leadership skills, life-purpose, advanced communication skills, public speaking, and a perspective on purpose driven governments which are biblically based.

Please click here for information on how to register or click here to underwrite the cost for future leaders who may need financial assistance. Sponsorships are welcomed. Please respond to this email if you’re interested.

Speaking of Christian Leadership, the 2021 Legislative Session draws near. We need your assistance to encourage Louisiana pastors to be present next week for the 2021 LFF Pastors Briefing in Baton Rouge. The event will be held Tuesday, April 13th at 9:00am.

LFF holds that pastors have a very important role in the public policy process – both in prayer and in action – as we work to pursue policy & communities which honor God. This year’s briefing is at the Capitol Park Welcome Center. Pastors and key Christian leaders: this FREE event is designed to equip you to impact state government. Please make plans to attend!


Ten years ago, it was unlikely that you knew someone who identified as transgender. Today, it’s unlikely that you don’t. This emerging phenomenon – formerly classified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as gender dysphoria – has a new target audience; teen girls who are trying to become boys! This alarming anti-girl trend warrants investigation on a.) why it’s happening, and b.) how we can stop the mutilation and chemical & surgical experimentation on children – with or without parental involvement.

This video from PragerU does an excellent job explaining:

For more information about understanding the transgender movement and its targeting of children, check out this great resource from our allies at the Family Policy Alliance.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was noted this week for his especially blunt words aimed at Big Tech’s suppression of free speech – and his insinuation that Section 230, which tech companies have pointed to as their justification for choosing who can speak freely, is subject to oversight just like telephone companies and electric utilities.

Insinuating that Section 230 may be unconstitutional, Thomas said, “…it seems rather odd to say that something is a government forum when a private company has unrestricted authority to do away with it.”

Thomas is correct! This is ripe for public accountability! 


Please pray this week for wisdom for lawmakers, LFF, and for the 4th floor regarding the upcoming Legislative Session April 12- June 10. We are believing for God's blessing over Louisiana!


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