BIG BETS On the Bayou!
LFF Commentary | May 2018

With four weeks to go in this fast-paced legislative session, the plethora of gambling bills has been pared down significantly. Thanks to your diligence in contacting elected officials to voice opposition to the expansion of gambling in our state, we have successfully held the line against the well-funded gambling lobby. Although many of the bills have been defeated or bogged down in the legislative process, we still need to stop riverboats, fantasy gambling and Harrah’s Casino from crossing the finish line.

ACT NOW on SB316 and HB484:

SB316 Riverboat Gambling – allows Riverboats to move on land and expand gaming positions – Passed the Senate; Awaiting debate on House Floor - Contact your State Representative and urge them to VOTE NO on SB316.

HB484 Fantasy Sports Gambling – will allow fantasy or simulation sports game or contests played through the internet or mobile device. It has passed the House and is now pending debate on the Senate Floor. Contact your Senator and urge them to VOTE NO on HB484.

Other bills: (Green = bill is in good posture. Red = bill is in bad posture. Yellow = bill is still being monitored.)

  • HB553 Harrah’s no-bid contract – Passed the House; Pending Senate Judiciary B Committee
  • SB184 Truck Stop Casinos and Video Poker –  reduction in fuel sales coupled with a reduction in machines – Passed the Senate; Passed the House; Pending Conference Committee
  • SB266 Sports Betting – Failed in Senate Finance
  • SB322 Internet Gambling – Failed in Senate Judiciary B
  • SB417 Riverboat Gambling –  referendum election in Tangipahoa Parish – Subject to Call in the Senate
  • HB91 Race Track Casinos –  expanded machine capacity; passed the House, pending on the Senate Floor

These bills are a bad bet. Legislators need to hear from you on SB316 and HB484!


Call the Louisiana House and urge your Representative to VOTE NO on SB316
Call the Louisiana Senate and urge your Senator to VOTE NO on HB484!

HOUSE SWITCHBOARD:  225-342-6945


Special Election - Statewide Fight?
Jeremy Alford-BR Business Report  | April 2018

Louisiana's Secretary of State Tom Schedler, officially resigns today due to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Jeremy Alford, publisher of LaPolitics, reports, that three well-known political consultants and a man who has won two statewide offices all say the road to victory for Louisiana’s next secretary state could be bumpy and uncomfortable. It’ll be difficult for contenders to obtain the required resources to capture the public’s imagination, they say. But a special election will ultimately be cheaper and, in concert with the reward, will draw marquee candidates.

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, who served as secretary from 2006 to 2010 said, “Running in a special election makes it doubly more challenging because of the low turnout and the lack of coverage you would receive in a regular election.”

"Geographic base is everything in this race,” said Baton Rouge consultant Roy Fletcher. “If the treasurer’s race taught us anything, it’s that a geographic base means everything.” Fletcher went on to say the special election to replace Schedler will result in lower voter participation.

Strategist Ryan Berni of Berni Consulting said the candidate pool probably preferred a fall special election over a 2019 primary election because the race gets removed from the regular cycle when some of the interested contenders now in elected office would otherwise have to run for re-election.

Media consultant Jared Arsement said the reasons for Schedler’s exit are in heavy rotation right now around coffee tables and conference tables. And it’s a storyline that can stick.

To see more of what they all had to say, as well as who might be considering getting into the race for Louisiana's next Secretary of State, click the "continue reading" button below!


Today is VE Day!
The Denison Forum | April 2018

Today is VE Day, short for “Victory in Europe.” On this day in 1945, Great Britain and the United States celebrated their victory over Nazi Germany and its allies.

German troops throughout Europe laid down their arms. Surrender documents were signed in Berlin and eastern Germany. But there was much more fighting still to come.

Six hundred Soviet soldiers died the next day in Silesia, a region now in southwest Poland, before the Germans fighting there finally surrendered. The war would continue in the Pacific until Imperial Japan surrendered on August 15 (now known as VJ Day).

Hundreds of battles preceded VE Day as well. We owe the men and women who fought this horrendous war an undying debt of gratitude. They won the victory, not in a single day or in a single battle, but in stages.

It is the same with our war against “the spiritual forces of evil” today (Ephesians 6:12). No war is won in a day. For people who try to live by Scripture, these are frustrating days.


The Bitter Fruit of the Sexual Revolution
Breakpoint | April 2018

We say it all the time: Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have victims. The "Incel movement" proves that the sexual revolution was full of bad ideas.

On April 23, 2018, a van allegedly driven by Alek Minassian, drove onto a sidewalk in downtown Toronto, killing ten people and wounding eighteen others. Many, I admit myself included, had the initial thought that the motivation for this attack had something to do with ISIS or radical Islam. But the truth turned out different, and in some ways more disturbing.

On his Facebook page, Minassian pledged allegiance, not to ISIS, but to the "Incel Rebellion." "Incel" stands for "involuntarily celibate." As explains, the "rebellion" is "not an organized militant group but rather an ideal developed by online community of men united by their inability to convince women to have [intimate relations] with them."


"If we are together, nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail." —Winston Churchill


Can LSU Tiger Baseball's current play secure another SEC Championship this year?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe
  • It's too early to tell.

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