Ravi Zacharias, one of the most influential Biblical scholars and apologists of our time, has gone home to be with the Lord. He taught believers to think, and thinkers to believe. His many books and speeches impacted millions, and his work, without question, brought many to know the Lord in spirit and knowledge.

May his legacy endure as an example to all. Well done, good and faithful servant.


As Louisiana breaks the grip of COVID-19, it’s important that we analyze the data and consider what steps should be taken to protect the residents of our state’s nursing homes. We will always mourn the loss of those who succumb, and we will always look for ways to memorialize their wisdom and memory to carry forward their legacy.

While there are undoubtedly good things that will come out of COVID’s aftermath, and we intend to celebrate those, we also have a duty to let data drive our prevention methods for future illnesses – not just media hype and panic.


Recent polling indicates that more than 40% of Americans are likely to consider homeschooling their children after getting their first taste during the COVID-19 pandemic. For millennia, parents held the responsibility for educating their children, long before government schools came into the picture.

Parents should be involved in the education of their children and in the installation of a proper and practical worldview. Additionally, many parents have also reported a higher appreciation for their child’s schoolteachers.


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said Monday that he is optimistic Phase II of Louisiana’s reopening plan is on the horizon. "If the people of Louisiana will continue to social distance, wear their masks, engage in good hygiene, then there’s no reason why we can’t continue to see improvements in our cases, even as we open up more businesses and houses of worship to more people, and so forth,” the Governor said. This is great news for Louisiana families.

Here’s what Phase II will look like.


While the U.N. has been attempting to sell abortion as a form of COVID relief, American sentiment has trended towards life during the pandemic. In addition to the news that Planned Parenthood had to lay off large numbers of employees, thus saving lives, the Association of American Family Physicians announced that it was launching a pro-life membership section – a move that had been resisted for years.

These gains are possible when Americans have time to consider the merits of the arguments on each side of this issue. Babies shouldn’t continue to be casualties in a battle for higher societal productivity and society is realizing more and more that it cannot justify saving lives at all costs on one side while being flippant about it on the other.


LFF works tirelessly to push back against radical agendas being brought to Louisiana. We don’t need abortion clinics gaining more power – they need less. If you support our mission: to be salt and light in the public square, and to speak truth to power on issues that impact our society and our future, please prayerfully consider joining us with a one-time or recurring contribution today!


The U.S. Constitution “is not suspended in times of crisis.”

U.S. Attorney General William Barr


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