Da Winnas
The Gambit | May 2018

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) is named a “winna” in the post-session tally (#7 on the list) of “da winnas and da loozas” compiled by Gambit editor Clancy DuBois.

DuBois continued, "Led by the Rev. Gene Mills, the conservative Christian LFF is a perennial powerhouse at the Capitol. The group successfully pushed bills that bar abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funds, outlaw abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy (subject to court approval of a similar law in Mississippi), create the crime of 'coerced abortions' and impose additional regulations on abortion providers. Mills also played a key role in passing the proposed constitutional amendment to end the non-unanimous jury rule in felony cases and to maintain criminal justice reforms adopted last year."

Click here to view a list of LFF's Wins and Losses for the Louisiana 2018 Legislative Regular Session.


Why Gambling is so Popular
The Dennison Forum | May 2018

Last week, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. The landmark decision gives states the right to legalize betting on sports. My purpose today is not to debate the legalities of sports gambling. Rather, it is to focus on gambling in the context of biblical truth and God’s best for us.

According to the American Gaming Association, gambling in the US is a $240 billion industry employing 1.7 million people in forty states. Why is gambling so popular?

The former Director of Gaming Enforcement for the state of New Jersey told a conference “(the) product is not entertainment or recreation or leisure. It’s really adrenaline: a biological substance capable of producing excitement–highs generated usually by anticipation or expectation of a future event, especially when the outcome of that event is in doubt.” According to a chief regulator of the industry, gambling is not only a drug, but a mind-altering drug. One author calls it a “controlled substance.”

Psychologists offer several reasons for the popularity of gambling in our culture.


Everything is Special — in Louisiana
Jeremy Alford – BR Business Report | April 2018

You know how when you say a word so many times in a row that it begins to lose its meaning and just becomes a collection of syllables rolling off your tongue?

For the Louisiana Legislature, that word is “special,” says Jeremy Alford in his latest column

“Like a baseball field full of snot-nosed, second-place middle schoolers waiting for a trophy, suddenly everything is special in Louisiana politics,” Alford writes. “Nowhere is this trend running stronger than in the state Legislature.” 

With the start today of this year’s second special legislative session—and special reports, special license plates and special elections all on their way—the word is being thrown around a lot. 

“Lawmakers, though, aren’t feeling all that special. Or extraordinary. After spending more consecutive days in session in 2016 than any other body since 1812, many senators and representatives fall into one of three camps,” Alford writes. “They’re either desperate for a compromise or thirsty for blood or they’ve grown completely apathetic. Others just want to do the right thing, but don’t know how.”


In Government We Trust?
Breakpoint | May 2018

We need a surgeon general’s warning: “This government program may be hazardous to your spiritual health.”

Jesus said we’re to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s, so it’s clear we have responsibilities both to God and to government. You could fill whole libraries with the volumes that have been written on this rich and vital topic. But what do we do when Caesar attempts to usurp the place of Christ in our hearts?

Sometimes, as when Nebuchadnezzar commanded the people of God to bow down to his golden image, the answer is simple—you obey the Lord and leave the consequences to Him. But sometimes the challenge from those who rule over us is far more subtle. Instead of facing a fiery furnace, we may encounter a temptation that, at its heart, says, “In government we trust.”

That seems to be the conclusion of two psychology researchers who say that better government services are correlated with lower levels of strong religious belief, both in the U.S. and internationally. Their study’s title says it all: “Religion as an Exchange System: The Interchangeability of God and Government in a Provider Role.”


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"The intent of the task force was to allow these facilities to build a land-based casino." —Sen. Ronnie Johns, in House Criminal Justice Committee on May 2, 2018, Archived video - start at time 2:26:00 (2hr-26min).


How should the legislature deal with the budget crisis?

  • With an additional sales tax.
  • Restructure the state income tax.
  • Remove business tax exemptions.
  • None of the above – just stop spending so much.

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