Over the weekend, sources reported that Louisiana’s legislature will take the rare step of calling themselves back into a Special Session once the regular session concludes on June 1st. While not unprecedented, the legislature hasn’t called themselves back into session in over a decade. Generally, the governor, who also has the authority to call special sessions and define the purpose, will do so.

Leaders say they need more time to handle legislation given the unforeseen curtailment of the legislative session due to COVID-19. What’s really in play is the use of one-time federal monies and who gets to allocate those monies. This round appears to go to the legislature.


The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed a bill that would allow concealed carry in houses of worship in Louisiana. At the present time, people of faith are allowed to concealed carry if given approval by the house of worship.

With the recent wave of anti-faith and synagogue shootings around the world, LFF supports this legislation which will afford people of faith the right to self defense even as they worship.


The economy isn’t the only victim of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Doctors in California say they’re seeing more deaths due to suicide than those attributed to COVID-19.

Aside from forced isolation and economic ruin, many of those who have been struggling with mental health, addiction, depression, anxiety, or other illnesses have been unable to gain access to doctors while some governors have shut down “non-essential” visits.


The Trump Administration and leaders in Congress are baffled as to how Planned Parenthood gained access to $80 million in PPP funds – meant to provide assistance to small, legitimate businesses. The President has even suggested they should face criminal charges.

Ironically, this may be the open window the Department of Justice has been waiting for to gain a peek into the abortion giant’s seedy financial practices, which obscure the whereabouts of taxpayer funds that are, by law, not allowed to fund abortions.


LFF works tirelessly to push back against radical agendas being brought to Louisiana. We don’t need abortion clinics gaining more power – they need less. If you support our mission: to be salt and light in the public square, and to speak truth to power on issues that impact our society and our future, please prayerfully consider joining us with a one-time or recurring contribution today!


The U.S. Constitution “is not suspended in times of crisis.”

U.S. Attorney General William Barr


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