2020 has been marked by polarizing events and emotional conversations. As time moves forward, the episodes of 2020 seem to meld together, creating a tangled web of hope, disappointment, confusion, and vagueness. Many have resisted the urge speak truth out of concern for further division and instead quietly settle upon a lessor message. But until we address the root causes associated with the difficult times & questions before us, healing – whether individual or societal – will be impossible.

God can bring clarity where confusion reigns. We live in an insanely complicated moment- there is a reason...the systematic depravity of man. Christ is the only solution for that and must contextualize any conversation which offers real remedies for the human race.

Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African Christian University, is a compelling voice to a generation seeking to “teach believers to walk in truth.” As the national sentiment settles around race, Baucham warns us of the distortion by emotion and subjectivity of facts bereft of context.

Dr. Baucham also reminds us that race is a construct of society– not scripture. Charles Darwin, the father of the modern-day race theory, admitted as much when he published The Origin of Species, in the Preservation of the Most Favored Races – a premise rejected by many Christ followers and untenable in proposed discussions going forward.

If people of faith are to have constructive conversations about the human race and the administration of justice, then we must never genuflect to faulty assumptions borne of false atonement. Neither should we turn a deaf ear to cries for justice!

My colleague in Alaska offered this worldview perspective to assist in sorting out a framework for finding a systematic way forward. It's also worth a watch.


At 9/11, America rallied behind law enforcement and first responders, calling them heroes. Now, many suffering COVID-induced amnesia and are crying crucify. Some municipal officials are actually entertaining demands to defund for law enforcement – fortuitously Gov. Edwards is not entertaining those sentiments! However, The Minneapolis’ City Council is actually moving forward with a plan to disband their police department entirely.

President Trump countered those actions by reminding that America a is a nation of law and order. We do not tolerate riots or destruction. Real change comes when we petition our government for a redress of grievances at the ballot box, the city council, the state capitol and in D.C.

The Flip Side offers two perspectives on defunding the police.


LFF has been central to, and will remain, a leader in the conversation on criminal justice reform. In the recent session of the legislature, the legislature sought to reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and return dignity to work for the formerly incarcerated.

HB 77 by Representative Phillip DeVillier lifts barriers on probation allowing virtual check-ins with a probation officer to avoid disruption of employment.

SB 354 by Senator Patrick McMath, requires the Department of Corrections to provide an identification card to each individual upon their release. The cards list vocational & certifications to give returning citizens a portable powerful resume, removing barriers to jobs.


Finally, within weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue its decision in the June Medical Services case centered on Louisiana’s 2014 Louisiana Unsafe Abortion Protection Act. The court's decision will have lasting impact on Louisiana’s regulation of the abortion industry.

We are anxiously awaiting a decision in June Medical Services which respects the voice of women who have been harmed by substandard medical practices and unqualified providers known to operate with in Louisiana. The Louisiana abortion industry, with its long history of health and safety violations, cannot speak for Louisiana women.


This is a difficult time for our nation and our state. Please continue to join LFF in prayer for peace and revival.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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