Summer Challenge Update!
LFF Commentary | July 2018

For twenty years now, Louisiana Family Forum has made a difference in Louisiana. As we stand for life, religious freedom, marriage, and family, we need you to stand with us!

As we have shared with you, we have worked TEN legislative sessions since 2016! Thankfully, we have achieved success in protecting Louisiana families, however, these wins have not come without a cost. We need to renew our financial resources so we will be able to continue as your voice for Louisiana families.

We have issued our 2018 Summer Challenge to help us meet our goal of $25,000 before the end of summer. Would you prayerfully consider taking part in this effort - over and above regular giving - so that we can meet the challenges that lie ahead? We will not turn our attention from the task at hand for one moment - we are determined, by God’s grace, to finish the year strong. But, we can’t do it without your support.

We are thankful for your investment of both prayer and finances.  God bless you and your family!


Pastors & Politics!
LaPolitics | July 2018

Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum thinks a rather holy wave may be building for the 2019 election cycle. Not only for the House and Senate but possibly for at least one statewide race as well.

"I have a number of friends who are considering running for office, a number of pastors from across the state who are even considering stepping down to step over," he said in the season-closing episode.

Asked about party politics, Mills sought higher ground — much higher. "I don’t trust the donkey," Mills said. "I don’t trust the elephant. I’m here to represent the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Lamb of God."


Confirmation Chaos!
National Review | July 2018

For your amusement, the quintessential American political dog days are barking at us: hazy, hot, humid, and nominated. We say Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS was “a worthy pick.”

From the editorial:

It would be utterly implausible, indeed laughable, for Senate Democrats to try to portray Kavanaugh as unqualified. They will instead try to present him as a right-wing monster. They will try to make him pledge to keep the Supreme Court rather than legislatures in charge of abortion policy, even though the Constitution requires no such thing; then they will condemn him for refusing to take the pledge. They will portray his concern for the structural limits on government power as a blanket hostility to government, which it is not. And they will cherry-pick decisions in which he ruled against a sympathetic cause or litigant, as is sometimes a judge’s duty.

The Federalist reports, "Kavanaugh will face a religious test from Senate Democrats in his confirmation hearings." 


Has Feminism Lost Touch with Common Sense? | June 2018

Every year since 1972 the General Social Survey has asked a broad cross-section of Americans how happy they are.

At the start, women were on average happier than men. On every survey since women’s reported happiness has declined. In 1990, the sexes passed one another. Women became less happy than men and less happy than their mothers had been at the same stage of life.

This hedonic decline has coincided with the triumph of feminism. Is feminism itself possibly at fault, at least partially, for this slide in well-being? Mona Charen thinks so and wrote Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common SenseClick here to unpack the rest of the story!

"The essential principle is crystal clear: When the Government forces someone to take an action contrary to his or her sincere religious belief … or else suffer a financial penalty …, the Government has substantially burdened the individual's exercise of religion."
—U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh - Dissent in Priests for Life v. HHS, 2015

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