LFF Releases Legislative Report Card!
LFF Commentary | August 2018

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) has released its 2018 Legislative Scorecard, a vital tool for Louisiana residents to evaluate members of the Louisiana legislature on key policy votes.

“LFF chose votes reflecting a variety of issues from gambling and adoption to protecting free speech on college campuses, which provide a snapshot of how lawmakers voted at the State Capitol,” said Gene Mills, President of LFF. “We encourage the people of Louisiana to use this scorecard to analyze how their lawmakers represented family values,” Mills continued.

Winners Announced...

Seven Senators and eleven Representatives earned the Outstanding Family Advocate award by scoring 100 percent on LFF’s Scorecard. These eighteen legislators will receive LFF’s Patrick Henry Award during the 2018 Annual Awards GalaThursday, September 27th at The Arena at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. This event is open to the public and a highlight of our year – a chance to celebrate lawmakers with our community of pastors, churches, and families for helping LFF write the next chapter of Louisiana history.

Eight Senators and twenty-six Representatives will also be honored with the Family Advocate award by scoring 80 to 99 percent on LFF's Scorecard.

Life and Liberty Awards are given each year to legislators who successfully authored and passed key legislation or initiatives that promoted life, family, and liberty. The 2018 recipients are as follows

  • Senator John MilkovichSB 181: Prohibits abortions after 15 weeks gestation. Enforcement predicated on the success of a court challenge to similar Mississippi law.
  • Senator Beth MizellSB 250: Educating Public School Parents on the risk of pornography; SB 391: Internet filtering for government computers; SB 335: Increases fines for purchasing commercial sex (prostitution).
  • Senator Neil RiserSB 402: Law enforcement or concealed carry permit holders may carry firearms in churches.
  • Senator Rick WardSB 364: Protects free speech on college campuses.
  • Representative Rick EdmondsHB 449: Incorporates adoption information into Woman's Right to Know before an abortion; HB 643: Provides "reasonable" vs "actual" expenses reimbursed in adoptions to avoid fraud and abuse.
  • Representative Franklin FoilHB 650: expands Louisiana’s 529 college savings plan to include grades K-12.
  • Representative Julie StokesHB 830: Requires age and work status verification to prevent human trafficking at sexually oriented businesses.

BRPD 'Politicized' – N.O. 'Hexed'!
LFF Commentary | August 2018

BRPD Politicized

The Advocate recently reported that the Baton Rouge Police Department may soon have a liaison officer to act as the point person between the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community members and the department, while also training fellow officers on LGBT topics.

They will collaborate with community leaders in order to “establish a closer, more effective dialogue between the police and the LGBT community,” according to a BRPD memo. This is clearly a political decision and has never been done in the history of the BRPD.

"Hex Fest' Comes to the Big Easy

New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and a tourist attraction for historic venues, French and Spanish architecture, folklore, entertainment, and well known Cajun and Creole restaurants.

The dark side of New Orleans has also been alive and well for centuries. The city has embraced darkness through ancient practices brought over on slave ships in the 1700's. The practice of Voodoo, which includes worship of spirits and opening oneself up to be inhabited by spirits, is especially practiced in the French Quarter where temples and shops accommodate those interested in these practices.

Many of you know of Mardi Gras indulgence and LGBT's 'Southern Decadence.' Now a ‘Hex Fest - Weekend of Witchery’ is planned for the French Quarter, opening with a Riverboat Ritual at the mouth of the Mississippi River, followed by two days of workshops and events. Hex Fest attracts witches, warlocks, rootworkers, Voodoo priests, and occult-paranormal speakers from around the world to promote an occult agenda.

Luke 19:41 says "when Christ drew near and saw the city, He wept over it." When Jesus looked out over Jerusalem, He saw things most people do not see. He saw the hearts of those who had rejected God's rule in their lives. And the heart of a holy God, whose mercy and grace is immeasurable, was broken! Like Him, we need to see beyond the grievous sins of a city ensnared with idolatry and darkness. We must identify the broken people blinded and bound by powerful forces, and intercede for them that they may be set free.

As believers, what is our response? Pray!

  • Pray that God would loose those blinded by darkness, grant repentance, and bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ – Acts 26:18.
  • Pray that the Hex Fest will draw small numbers and unfavorable weather to discourage further events.
  • Pray for Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Broome and the Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul to lead the BRPD with principle.
  • Scriptural References: Jonah 4:10, 1 John 3:8, James 2:13, 2 Cor. 10:4, Deuteronomy 18:10-12

Compiled by Margie Fontenot and Mike Forest


LSU Evolves?
Evolution News | August 2018

If you want a taste of how and by whom evolutionary biology is being taught to college students, check this out. Prosanta Chakrabarty is an ichthyologist at Louisiana State University, and says of himself that he teaches “one of the largest evolutionary biology classes in the U.S.”

Professor Chakrabarty speaks with... a weary, ill-concealed contempt for those don’t understand these matters. He teaches in the same state where the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) was passed a little over ten years ago, and remains the law. If this is how evolution is taught to college students at LSU, imagine how it’s taught to many high school students.

Do you wonder, then, that educators, parents, and other residents of the state sought, under the LSEA, protection from retaliatory action for teachers who wish to add a bit of depth, some critical weighing of the evidence, to their instruction?


Goodbye Roe?
Breakpoint | August 2018

Much has happened recently for which pro-lifers should be both grateful and encouraged, but there’s so much work left to do.

You could forgive pro-lifers for feeling hopeful these days, and maybe even a little giddy. With Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court, and the President’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, Roe v. Wade’s days could be numbered.

Or not. If Chuck Colson was right that Supreme Court justices read the newspapers just like the rest of us, we have reason for pause.


We are almost there!

"We're gambling fools in Louisiana, we've always gambled even when it wasn't legal. As long as there is a business opportunity, casinos will be here."
—Ronnie Jones, Head of Louisiana Gaming Control Board
Source: The Advocate

Do you think the Baton Rouge Police Department needs an LGBT liaison officer?

  • Absolutely. It's the best thing since One Baton Rouge.
  • I'm not sure. Can't we just all leave our politics at home?
  • Absolutely not.

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