LGBT Advocates at La. Public Library for Kids!!
LFF Commentary | August 2018

Deep in the heart of Cajun country, a public library advertises an LGBT group’s "outreach event:" Drag Queen Story Time. Click here to view a video describing a similar New Orleans event held recently.

The promotion continues“Join us for an afternoon of books, songs, and activities led by Drag Queens from UL Lafayette's Delta Lambda Phi chapter. Recommended for Ages 3 – 6 and their families.”

This is a clear attempt to advance a hyper-sexual political agenda based on what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) for psychological illness calls a disorder. If the library declines to host the drag show, proponents would likely cry 'discrimination' and suddenly a shallow threat for potential litigation exists. The LGBT fraternity is putting the public library in an awkward spot. Still, the choice between allowing LGBT forces to advocate a diagnostic disorder to children or upholding Louisiana’s values should be an easy one. Cajuns are an easy going, kind, and friendly people until the values of their families are challenged. Then you can expect the lines to be drawn! 

Library Director Teresa Elberson told KPEL that the group volunteered and worked with the Children's librarians to pick a day to volunteer to read for the event. She says while the men will be dressed in drag, they will not be dressed to make a statement and that the decision was made to allow them to volunteer, as the library is a place "to provide an open, friendly environment to talk about it."

Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux wants the public library to cancel “Drag Queen Story Time." LFF encourages you to contact Robideaux at 337-291-8300 or and thank him for his stand against dragging children into a sexually charged debate.

LFF encourages you to take action:


LFF urges you to contact the Lafayette Parish Library and encourage officials to put innocent children's safety first - ahead of a political agenda.

The public library story hour is no place for indoctrination of children!

They need to hear your voice that this event is inappropriate for children.

Administrative Offices:  (337) 261-5781
Library Director: Teresa Elberson - Email:
Community Relations: (337) 261-5763 - Email:
Library Programming: (337) 261-5786 - Email:
Outreach Services: (337) 261-5789 - Email:


Rispone In for Governor's Race?
BR Business Report | August 2018

Patrons at the Dining by Design fundraiser Sunday night at L'Auberge Casino broke into a standing ovation when Chef John Folse announced that his close friend, businessman Eddie Rispone, has definitely decided to run for governor in 2019.

Rispone, who was by Folse's side during the surprise announcement, smiled but didn't actually say anything to confirm or dispel what the audience had just heard.


LFF Allies!
Family Policy Alliance | August 2018

Family Policy Alliance CEO Paul Weber,
members of the Family Policy Alliance Team,
and state family policy council executives in Georgia this week.

“Political issues.” That phrase tends to have one of two effects. For some, politics sends us running far in the other direction—quickly. For others, we tend to place our hope in our favorite candidates or party—believing they will solve the country’s problems. As believers who first serve God’s Kingdom and who live in a country where we are blessed to be a government of the people, both effects can harm our role as salt and light in America.

As Paul Weber, President & CEO of Family Policy Alliance says, is there any political issue that isn’t first a biblical issue?

We are proud to work and ally with these men and women serving in state family policy councils in 40 states. This week, we had the privilege to host all of them at once in Georgia to discuss political issues (that are first biblical issues), to strategize, and to encourage one another in our calling to redeem politics and government.


Graham Rebukes Chelsea!
The Christian Post | August 2018

Evangelist Franklin Graham and other pro-life conservatives are denouncing Chelsea Clinton's claim that abortion has led to economic growth in the U.S.

"Chelsea Clinton claims that legalizing abortion added trillions of dollars to the economy. What a lie," Graham wrote on Facebook Wednesday. "Hitler probably also claimed that killing the Jews would be good for their economy. Legalizing abortion hasn't added anything to our country, it has only taken away.

"Just think of the contribution these people would have made. There will be another high cost. I believe God will judge America for allowing the heinous murder of our own children in the womb," he added before assuring women who've had abortions that God will forgive them and help to alleviate their guilt.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
– Edmond Burke

Do you believe LGBT advocacy - as in the library Drag Queen Story Time - is suitable for children?

  • Never!
  • Sometimes.
  • Sure! It's a public facility - all are welcome.
  • I don't really care either way.

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