Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell says the Trump campaign is preparing to announce a deluge of evidence concerning fraudulent election activities. At the heart of this discussion is Dominion Voter Systems, a company whose software is alleged to have allowed someone to remotely switch votes from Trump to Biden in Michigan. Ironically, this Dominion Voting Systems is the same company which was placed under investigation by Democrat senators in 2019 for security issues, and whose bid to provide voting machines in Louisiana was halted because of bizarre “bidding irregularities.”

Here’s where we currently stand on the voter fraud issue. LFF continues to hold that every legal vote should be counted in this election. Additionally, voter integrity requires a makeover.


Within the last ten days, two companies have announced separate COVID vaccines that they say are more than 90% effective. At least one of them, however, is said to have horrible side effects that somewhat mimic the symptoms of COVID. And you’ll need a second dose to get to the 90% effective rate.

Aside from the obvious concerns about a potential vaccine being mandated, we’ve also looked into the ethics of the vaccine to ensure that we aren’t destroying human embryos’ in order to provide this vaccine. The Population Research Institute says more than 120 vaccine candidates are outstanding, some of which use ethical fetal stem cells (coming from the umbilical cord, without destroying an embryo). Unfortunately, some have chosen to use unethical fetal stem cell lines, which come from aborted babies. Positively, the vaccine developed by Pfizer does not use fetal stem cells derived from aborted babies.

Moderna, the other company to have recently announced groundbreaking progress on its own vaccine, has not yet disclosed whether aborted fetal stem cells were used in their vaccine.


When the new Congress is seated in January, at least 14 new members – and probably more – will be pro-life women, a huge narrative correction for the pro-life movement, which is often dismissed by abortion advocates as “a bunch of men telling women what they can’t do.” That red herring will no longer stand.

This development also serves as another rebuke to the media, who projected that Democrats would expand their House majority. If every candidate who is currently leading in their races wins, the Republicans will need to flip only 4 seats in 2022 to regain control of the chamber.


Today marks the first day of LFF’s year-end giving campaign. While we have been blessed by God’s provision, COVID has made 2020 a difficult year for organizations like ours. In a normal year, we would host our banquet to ensure that our budget gaps were filled. Of course, this year we were not able to do that in the way we normally would. Aside from the economic uncertainty of COVID, hurricanes also decimated our state this year and many have struggled to get back on their feet. Despite all this, God has provided in a big way.

We need to raise $125,000 to walk into 2021 with the tools we need to make a big difference from the Capitol in Baton Rouge to the odd-year elections that will determine the makeup of Louisiana’s legislature next year. Would you step up to make an end-of-year, tax-deductible contribution to invest in our work?


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