November 3, 2020

Dear Friend,

If you’ve followed developments in the past few weeks, chances are you’ve heard Joe Biden’s campaign slogan, “A Battle for the Soul of America.” It’s ironic, given the moral positioning of his campaign, which openly supports abortion throughout 9 months of pregnancy, the normalization of gender transition procedures for children, and the suppression of free speech and religious liberty via hate speech laws.

Biden is right – this election is a battle for the soul of America. And tonight’s results will show us a window into the American soul. I pray that soul is healthy.

Many of you have already voted and some are about to. LFF Action has created an easy, quick resource designed to catch you up and help you walk into the ballot booth equipped with the knowledge you need to vote your values. You can access your personalized voter guide here.

Our prayer for this election is captured in this #LouisianaBlessing video. Join me in declaring this blessing over Louisiana, America and our elections.

We know this election carries enormous implications for the future of our country. Regardless of the outcome of the election at the state or federal level, LFF will be there on the front lines for you and your family.

We remain confident that LFF, with its state partners across the nation, will succeed in creating policies to help families thrive and to build a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

We need your support to process the outcomes of this election cycle and continue the important work of strengthening Louisiana families. 

It's easy during these loud election seasons to miss the incarcerated, their families, and those victimized by crime. But as Christ Ambassadors, we must attend to these voices and remember our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

Prison Fellowship®, the nation’s largest Christian Ministry serving prisoners, and their families. For more than 40 years, have witnessed the incredible difference it makes when God’s people show up and remember those in prison.

Today, I want to invite you to participate in Angel Tree®— Prison Fellowships program to connect hurting families with local churches to deliver a gift and the Gospel to prisoners’ children during the Christmas season. Prison Fellowship has developed an option to participate in Angel Tree via a virtual platform. This is a wonderful way to minister to children of incarcerated parents here in Louisiana.

I’d also welcome you to get involved with Outrageous Justice®—Prison Fellowship’s free small-group curriculum. The study weaves current events, biblical context, and personal stories into a compelling conversation about influencing restorative change from a Christian worldview in our criminal justice system.

I hope you hear God’s heart for the prisoner and discover how to pursue restoration in your community. You can request your free digital or hard copy that will include a study guide with action steps, teaching videos, and more HERE.

To learn more about partnering with Prison Fellowship to make an important difference in the lives of those affected by crime and incarceration, please visit with them online.


Today, as we cast our votes and move our nation forward, join in LFF’s prayer for this election, as captured in the #LouisianaBlessing. Declare this over Louisiana & America and these elections. May God’s will be done today, In Jesus' Name!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

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