January 11, 2022

Dear Friends

The Supreme Court heard arguments against Biden’s shot mandates this past Friday. Louisiana Family Forum filed a joint amicus brief to the US Supreme Court in defense of religious freedom in one of the cases.

In both cases, the plaintiffs argued that government agencies did not have the authority to force a vaccine mandate. Justice Brett Kavanaugh noted that federal agencies are not authorized by Congress to demand that anyone be vaccinated. 

Chief Justice John Roberts echoed Justice Neil Gorsuch by referring to the mandate as a “workaround” because it bypasses the traditional legislative process. Justice Amy Coney Barrett asked when the authority to issue an “emergency” regulation will end. The lack of an answer to this question was clearly an issue for all the conservative justices.

The Court’s impending decision could determine the future for our country. Please pray that SCOTUS justices put an end to emergency overreach and refrain from politics in their decision.


A loyal Democrat supporter recently wrote an article titled, “Why I Soured On The Democrats” which was published by The Atlantic, a left-leaning outlet. The author explained that school closures and pandemic lockdowns are pushing her away from the Democratic party. 

"Until recently, I was a loyal, left-leaning Democrat, and I had been my entire adult life," wrote Angie Schmitt. "But because of what my family has gone through during the pandemic, I can’t muster the same enthusiasm. I feel adrift from my tribe and, to a certain degree, disgusted with both parties."

After public schools remained closed for months, Schmitt began sending her child to a charter school.

Schmitt also said she was met with hostility, shouting, and abuse when she spoke out against school closures online. She also accused Democrats of “exaggerating the risks of COVID-19 to children” and not recognizing the negatives associated with children wearing masks.


As we know, the Bible and science are not just compatible, but complementary. Sometimes the Bible even provides insight that helps answer unsolved questions of science.

Researchers have discovered that to be the case in a Biblical event recorded in the book of Kings known as the Assyrian destruction of the Lachish. 

The accurate account of this event in the Bible has provided scientists a lens through which they can answer two dilemmas related to geophysics and archeology. 

One scientist led a team to Tel Lachish to study the earth’s magnetosphere, and it was the story from the book of Kings that helped them find what they were looking for. Assyrian King Sennacherib burned Lachish in 701 BC and unintentionally reset the magnetic charges in the minerals of the surrounding area. As they cooled, the affected artifacts “re-attuned to the Earth’s magnetic field, forming a snapshot of the Earth’s magnetic field in that particular location at that specific moment.” This snapshot allows scientists to better understand how the earth’s magnetic field has changed over time. 

The Biblical event at Lachish gives scientists a way to conduct radiocarbon dating that they couldn’t otherwise!

Yes, the historical events detailed in the Bible actually happened and help inform modern day researchers! God’s Word is truly breathtaking.


FriendsI am hopeful that we are just one SCOTUS decision away from restoring a constitutional republic. Please pray for God’s guidance over our nation. Remember the 49th  anniversary of Roe v. Wade is January 22nd...the beginning of the end for Roe v. Wade, in Jesus' name!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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