January 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

Solicitor General Liz Murrill officially announced her candidacy for Attorney General this week. Her campaign team released this video:

When asked if she would take leave from the state Justice Department to run, Murrill indicated it was unlikely, stating, "I’m going to stay as long as it’s manageable because we have a lot of important work I’m quarterbacking." Also expected to qualify are District Attorney John Belton of Ruston and HGA Chair John Stefanski.

This past Saturday, hundreds gathered across Louisiana to March for Life and even harsh weather conditions didn’t deter Lifers from speaking in favor of protecting life in the womb!

Among event speakers was US Senator Bill Cassidy who observed, “Despite the rain and the cold, people came with a spirit of hope for the unborn child, and their mother. We must provide that mother with the love and support she needs.”

“Everyone Deserves a Birthday” was the rally cry! Tens of thousands more gathered at events around the country coinciding with the annual D.C. March for Life. This is the first march since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

LFF Intern Trinity Wicker quoted by PBS:

“Well, I believe that God is the creator of life, and no human should be able to dictate whether someone should or should not live or have a chance at living.” Trinity Wicker, Louisiana State University


Jeff Landry hopes gun crime rates in Louisiana will drop in wake of federal government intervention, stating District Attorney Jason Williams failed to make good on promises he made to secure a $4.4 million office budget.

Writing for The Hayride, Landry states:

Williams defended this record amount with a promise that if the taxpayers invested in his office, New Orleans would no longer be the murder capital of the country. Yet, the New Orleans Advocate recently highlighted how federal gun prosecutions have surged in response to New Orleans crime. So what exactly are residents receiving from the DA for their generosity?

And as Landry says, “[what] happens in Orleans affects all parishes.” He continues, noting “U.S. Attorney Duane Evans has stepped in for the sake of our citizens left at the mercy of incompetent elected officials in Orleans” and recognizes that federal intervention is not a long-term solution.


This week is National School Choice Week (NCSW), and LFF works tirelessly to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as parents when it comes to your child’s education.

School choice is an issue that many are encouraged to leave to so-called “experts” and government officials due to the purported complexity of the issue.

Children are a gift from God. Parents are to train them in the ways of the Lord (and not allow policy makers, unions or government officials to force political experiments on their hearts and minds).

This gift comes with great responsibility, and no one knows what children need to thrive educationally better than parents. That is why we supported House Bill 369 (and others) by Rep. Harris which “Requires public school governing authorities and public schools to post on their websites laws pertaining to parental access to instructional materials and the Parents' Bill of Rights.” That law passed!

The preamble to the Louisiana Children’s code says it masterfully. If only we could just live up to that standard and fulfill that promise to every Louisiana child. Education would look far less like a consolidated red tape and more like an all-star camp to train the hearts and guide the futures of the next generation!

Anything less is immoral!


Friend,on Friday, I mentioned NHL player Ivan Provorov ignited a media firestorm last week when he cited his Christian faith as the reason for his refusal to participate in his team's LGBT Pride Night festivities— which included wearing a rainbow-themed warmup jersey and using sticks wrapped in rainbow pride tape.

After that story broke, fans took notice…Provorov’s jersey is now almost sold out from major retailers. I guess that shows what fans think of his Christian witness!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. As a reminder, Louisiana’s 2023 Longest Married Couple search is ON! If you know a couple that has been married 70+ years, please help us tell their story. Complete this form for your nominee! Submissions are needed by February 5th. Thank you!


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