February 1, 2022

Dear Friends

Wanted...the longest married couple in Louisiana for honors! If you or someone you know has been married for 65 years or more, please fill out a submission form here

All submissions will be accepted through Friday, February 4th. 

Life-long faithfulness encourages the next generation to understand that “happily married” still happens and can last a lifetime. We are obligated to tell their stories of enduring love.

The Top-10 longest married couples will also be honored by receiving an Official Statement of Special Recognition and will be entered into the LFF “Marriage Hall of Fame.”


Business Insider and numerous other outlets are reporting that Governor John Bel Edwards, in fact, knew about a controversial police incident but remained silent until after his re-election bid. In May 2019, Ronald Greene, fled police was captured and detained and then died in police custody. Gov. Edwards was apprised by text from State Police Superintendent Kevin Reeves that a "struggle" occurred between police and the man expired. Now AP reporters are seeking the records and film to answer the question about how much JBE knew and when.

Edwards, a centrist Democrat in a majority Republican state, did not initially speak about the case as he reports, “pending results of an investigation”.

It wasn't until May 2021, after the bodycam footage was released by court order, that Edwards condemned the Troopers. The governor had previously shot down calls in 2020 to release the footage, even after Greene's family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in May 2020. Greene’s family deny the explanation that he, ”died from injuries sustained in a car accident”. Both the coroner's report, the damage to the car and the film - substantiate the initial narrative, The New York Times reported.  


The Biden administration is pushing insurance companies to cover transgender surgeries and consider them “medically necessary” for those who self-identify with the opposite sex. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services proposed adding “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the list of things that healthcare facilities are prohibited to discriminate against, forcing many providers to facilitate potentially harmful procedures against their will. 

The Ethics and Public Policy Center said that this proposal “is without legal support, contradicts long-standing scientific understandings of the human person, attempts to evade court injunctions, promotes harm to patients (especially minors), tramples religious freedom.”

Further, the rule would include children who could be given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones that have been proven to cause permanent damage to their health. 

The Biden administration has placed radical leftist ideology above health and safety. Rather than helping provide gender dysphoric people with the assistance they need, our government wants to fund treatments that the patients are likely to regret. 


A record number of Americans are suffering from depression and feelings of emptiness. The US is the unhappiest it's been in more than half a century, and it's because Americans are not having children

In 2020, the nation’s birth rate fell for the sixth year in a row, hitting the lowest rate recorded. People aren't having children, aren’t getting married and aren’t going to church (attendance has fallen below 50%). 

A Pew Research Center study shows that most non-parents aren’t certain that they even want children. Only one fourth of non-parents under the age of 50 stated that they were “very likely” to have kids. Forty-four percent reported that they were “not too likely” or “not at all likely.”

Children are incredible gifts from God and they provide parents with immense fulfillment - not to mention, purpose. A happiness restoration is possible, but not without family and children and a spouse to share it with. It’s time to promote marriage, children and family. 

America’s prosperity is directly related to the size, strength and number of families. 


Online sports betting is here, and families must guard against the ills which follow gambling. 

Rev. Gary Peterson of the Chapel of The Cross Lutheran Church warned his congregation of the dangers of online sports gambling:

"One after another ad for online gambling as if we don't have enough opportunity to throw our money away on foolishness now you can pull your phone out and throw your money away.

Gambling is always an attempt to teach people you can only be happy with more money."


Friendsthank you for standing with LFF for Christian values in the public sphere. We must be the voice for Faith, Family and Freedom so we can make Louisiana a great place to raise a family!

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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