March 7th, 2023

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have heard that my friend Dan Richey passed away on Sunday, March 5th at 6:40 pm and has now gone to his heavenly reward. I first met Dan at Foxy’s Health Club in the early 1990s. I would occasionally see him on the StairMaster, casually exercising and perusing the daily newspaper, which he never purchased and almost always disagreed with. More often, he could be found relaxing in the whirlpool, engaging innocent passersby with his endless, quick-witted tests of acuity on any number of his favorite subjects such as Louisiana, sports, history, politics, or trivia.

Dan and I quickly became friends, and he admired my attempts to console all those he was cross-examining. He would often ask me, "Buddy....Pray me one of those Protestant prayers!"

Dan was not a complicated man. He loved his family, country, and talking about the world from his perspective. He held a deeply personal faith in Christ's atoning work.

Dan Richey honorably served as Louisiana State Senator, Representative, Governor Mike Foster's Program on Abstinence, and finally as LFF's Political Consultant for close to 20 years. But he was a dear friend for 30 years or more! Together, I believe, in Dan's words, we "changed the course of human events!"

Rest in peace, my friend.

There will be a visitation on Friday, March 10th from 6:00- 9:00 p.m. at Rabenhorst Funeral Home in Baton Rouge and on Saturday a burial mass at St. Agnes Catholic Church from 9:30-11:00 a.m. A burial at Roselawn Cemetery will follow.


If public libraries are the latest epicenter of the culture war, then Livingston, Louisiana has become the site of one of its major battles. The Livingston Parish Council has held three hearings to contend with the library system's defense of sexually explicit material available to children. The Parish Council has requested that the Library Control Board prevent children's exposure to inappropriate material, but the board has refused to comply.

Tonight, armed with a recent opinion from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, the Parish Council will vote on removing and replacing members of the Library Control Board. This result would be consistent with local community standards and Livingston taxpayers' wishes. In response to the recent scrutiny, the Director of the Livingston Parish Library System has resigned.

Additionally, the Livingston Parish Council has passed a resolution supporting LFF-backed bills pending in the upcoming legislative session to bring oversight and accountability to public library systems regarding sexually explicit material.


In a recent court ruling, USA Powerlifting was ordered to allow biological males to compete in women's categories. The case was brought by JayCee Cooper, a male athlete who was banned from competing in the women's division as USA Powerlifting previously prohibited trans-athletes from competing cross-category.

The court ruled in favor of Cooper, stating that the policy of USA Powerlifting discriminated against him based on “gender identity.”

This absolutely indefensible ruling, which is certain to be challenged, sets a dangerous precedent that undermines both male and female competition. It is particularly significant for Louisiana, which has a long-standing record of producing some of the top lifters in the nation.

Stay tuned; more court order deconstructionism just ahead!


Friend,, wow! What a moment we are living in! I encourage you to take the time to hug those you love, express your great love for them, and listen attentively to what the Heavenly Father is conveying through His Word to this generation. God is actively working, and we have the privilege of participating in His plan on earth.

Please take a moment to remember the Richey family in your prayers. If you had a close relationship with Dan, I would appreciate it if you could share your fondest memories, photographs, or Dan Richey's humorous remarks.

I will do my utmost to pass on your sentiments to his family.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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