March 14th, 2023

Dear Friends,

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has sparked a new banking crisis in America, with two more banks being shut down by government regulators and another on the brink of collapse.

The fall of SVB is quite a morality tale, as it was one of the wokest banks in America, prioritizing left-wing politicsFor most of 2022, SVB did not have a risk management officer supervising its U.S. operations. The bank instead relied on Jay Ersapah, the risk management officer of its United Kingdom branch.  

Ersapah, who defines herself as a “queer woman of color and 1st-generation immigrant,” seemed more concerned about pushing LGBTQ initiatives than the bank’s practices or the safety of depositors.

Last year, SVB made a $5 billion commitment to “a healthier planet” while operating an extremely unhealthy bank. But don’t worry, SVB’s CEO managed to sell $3.6 million worth of shares just days before bankruptcy.

Woke bankers rewarded themselves with severance packages and year-end bonuses for their failed philosophy. Meanwhile President Biden and Treasury Secretary Yellen insist that everyone be made whole, without costing taxpayers. How exactly would that work?

They’re referring to the FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund that banks pay into. That fund has $100 billion in it…sounds like a lot of money until you realize that $42 billion was taken out of Silicon Valley Bank last Thursday alone!

Let the blame games begin!


Good news is emerging regarding education in Louisiana! While public school enrollment has been decreasing, Christian schools are experiencing a significant increase in attendance, showing that parents are turning to faith-based education for their children.

Over the past three years, 70% of Christian private schools in Louisiana have experienced an increase in enrollment, with 11 private schools having added 100 or more students since the fall of 2019. Notably, out of those 11 schools, nine are Christian schools.

Parents have a divine mandate to train their children in ways of the Lord. This growth is an encouraging development for children in Louisiana, as it shows that parents are aware that academic achievement must be balanced with spiritual and moral development.

 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” -3 John 1:4


Ahead of the 2023 state legislative session, Louisiana lawmakers plan to debate two bills that would expand marijuana access across the state, including expanding the use, production, and selling of recreational marijuana and decriminalizing possession and distribution. HB 17 would legalize recreational marijuana, while HB 24 would decriminalize possession and distribution and establish a tax on sales.

Governor John Bel Edwards has opposed efforts to legalize recreational marijuana, citing concerns about public health and safety. There are also concerns about the regulation of marijuana quality and dosage, especially for recreational use, as it can be difficult to control the potency and purity of products sold outside of regulated dispensaries.

"Legalizing recreational marijuana would be a grave mistake for Louisiana," says John Doe, a concerned citizen and opponent of the bills. "The increased crime, impaired driving, and decline in public health and safety that have been seen in other states with legal marijuana should serve as a cautionary tale for us. We cannot afford to take these risks with the well-being of our communities and families."

LFF does not support drug use expansion, and neither do the DAs or Sheriffs’ Association.


Friend,remember that LFF's Leadership Academy & Spiritual Heritage tour is scheduled this June 18th-24th. This Academy is designed for high school juniors to college sophomores to explore America's spiritual heritage and our significance in God's plan. 

Sponsor or nominate a young leader here!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Have you heard? Jim Donelon, the Republican Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana, has decided not to seek re-election in the upcoming fall and will instead concentrate on guiding legislative measures to tackle the state's mounting property insurance dilemma. Click here to learn more!


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