March 15, 2022

Dear Friends

Today is the day! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at LFF’s Legislative Briefing as we discuss the important matters of faith that will be debated during our 2022 legislative session. It's not too late to join us! Details can be found here.

Congress passed an outrageous $1.5 trillion omnibus bill last week. Heritage Action opposed the legislation and urged lawmakers to vote no.

From Heritage Action:

“The bill failed to rescind Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates that have ousted our service members and fired our healthcare workers, advanced Biden’s climate policies, and included over $4 billion worth of earmarks so lawmakers could bring their pet projects to fruition in their home states. Unrelated to government funding, the bill also jammed a version of the Violence Against Women Act which threatens American values such as our Second Amendment rights and fails to protect women from predators who may identify as a woman and gain access to facilities and programs alongside battered women. The bill even gives the Left exactly what they want by dramatically increasing the IRS’s budget to almost $13 billion, the same agency that under the last Democrat president targeted conservative Americans.

Oh yeah, and with energy prices at record highs, the omnibus even pushed an earmark tackling racism in our energy system. You can’t make this stuff up!”


With the national gas price average sitting over $4, the Biden administration claims that rising gas prices have nothing to do with its policies.

Their excuses, however, are not quite accurate. Yes, the administration approved over 9,000 permits for oil companies to drill on federal lands, but approval is just “the beginning of a long process to actually produce energy,” and some can even take years. Second, Press Secretary Jen Psaki says killing the Keystone pipeline has “nothing to do” with oil supply. While reopening Keystone would not immediately boost supply, “the long-term outlook would likely affect prices” and “are based in part on anticipated supply.” And third, the Russia/Ukraine crisis has certainly impacted oil markets, but gas prices were rising long before it.

We have the resources and ability to be energy independent, yet those in charge care more about "protecting the environment" and implementing restrictive regulations on our own energy production.


Last week, “[m]ultiple rockets were reportedly fired toward the U.S. consulate located in Erbil, a city in northwestern Iraq. Several missiles hit the consulate building” but no casualties or damage were sustained.

The rockets are believed to have been fired from Iran in response to an Israeli attack that killed two members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) accounts were able to pinpoint the origin of the missiles to the Khasabad military base in the eastern Azerbaijan province of Iran after geolocating videos posted by Iranian civilians of the attack.

This attack comes mere weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it is not difficult to determine why. Our enemies are emboldened by America’s current vacuum of strong leadership and are using it to their advantage. No longer fearing retaliation, they will continue to test the limits of what they are allowed to get away with.

Thankfully, no lives were claimed in this attack. But it is only a matter of time before they strike again. Our leaders must preserve peace through strength and present a united front against those who wish to destroy us.


Friendswe have ample reason for hope! First, with God, there is always hope. But to add to that hope, the pro-life movement just won a major victory in Texas. The state’s Supreme Court ruled against the abortionists challenging the law who said that the state has a role in enforcing the law – which is not how the law is designed. The Texas Supreme Court confirmed that.

Texas’s Heartbeat Law is saving lives and despite opposition from abortion organizations, it has prevailed in court once again. Our efforts at the state level matter!

Please continue to pray for the victims, dissidents, and refugees of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Poland and other countries are receiving these shell-shocked families and need our help. Your contribution aids those who have been severely affected. Consider donating to Samaritan's Purse charity, which has deployed a field hospital inside Ukraine, and Mercy Chefs, who are providing food and water to refugees.

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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