March 22, 2022

Dear Friends

Female collegiate swimmers are afraid of speaking out against a biological male competing on the women’s team for fear of reprisal and being labeled "hateful”. A mother of one of UPenn’s female swimmers was interviewed by the Independent Women’s Forum and revealed what went on behind the scenes with the female swim team since Will Thomas, a MAN, has been allowed to compete as a woman.

Thomas broke multiple records and is breaking women’s hearts and their future in their own sport. Like many states, Louisiana introduced a bill to protect female sports, but it was vetoed by Governor JBE last year. SB 44 is back this year and it is essential that it passes!

SB 44, or the Fairness is Women’s Sports Act, prohibits a team designated for females, girls, or women from being infiltrated by athletes who are not biologically female. Women deserve to compete in a fair environment without threats from biological males.

Louisiana’s 2022 legislative session began last week! Checkout LFF’s Bills to Watch here.


Who is SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson?

Yesterday, the nomination hearings for KBJ started, and in her opening statements, she said, "I hope that you will see how much I love our country, and the Constitution and the rights that make us free.” But does her judicial record stand up to that statement?

As Heritage Foundation notes, KBJ is “clearly partial to labor unions and is highly skeptical, if not downright hostile, to any attempt to limit their ability to unionize.” In addition, there was at least “one high-profile case in which Jackson appeared to stretch the law—and was overturned—to frustrate the Trump administration’s efforts to rigorously enforce our nation’s immigration laws.”

Read the full analysis of KBJ’s judicial decisions and philosophy here.


Last week, a video circulating social media showed more than a dozen Teslas waiting to charge near Lake Charles, Louisiana. According to one owner, it usually takes thirty minutes to charge, but with increased demand, it’s taking over an hour.

This is just one city. Imagine if the entire US ran on electric. It would be completely unsustainable. The Biden administration should be facilitating safe and clean oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and reopen the Keystone pipeline.

We should not follow Biden into China’s tangled monopoly on rare earth elements which are required to create electric vehicles. China mines these elements with the hands of children

"Green energy" is not worth the price of child labor or partnership with Communist China.


One mom in Michigan has started a challenge to help children spend more time outside. The 1,000 Hours Outside movement is designed to put people in nature for 1,000 hours throughout the year. Not only is time outdoors critical for healthy childhood development, but it also can help children become closer to God.

On average, children spend upwards of six to seven hours of screentime a day and less than ten minutes outside. Our society has become so dependent on technology and entertainment that we miss out on the rejuvenating effects of nature. As humans, we need time in the great outdoors to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. 

God’s creation is glorious – make sure your children and grandchildren experience it to the fullest!


Friendsthis legislative session, we have the opportunity to implement beneficial changes for the family here in Louisiana. Our priority is to advance faith and freedom during this legislative session, and we hope you will join us in loaning your voice for legislation that will impact our communities in a positive way. Thank you for your continued support of LFF and stay tuned throughout Legislative Session for important updates!

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Check out LFF's list of the top Bills to Watch this legislative session by clicking here.


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