April 5, 2022

Dear Friends

The Biden administration has a child predator policy problem. Last week, our partner organization, Family Policy Alliance, published a press release titled, “Biden vs. America: Meltdown at the White House.” 

Meridian Baldacci, spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance, said the following:

“The White House is having a complete meltdown about this week’s array of new pro-family laws. According to the Administration, it is ‘disturbing and dangerous’ to keep teachers from sexualizing kindergarten classrooms, it is ‘extreme’ to give women a level playing field in sports, and it is ‘wrong’ to protect children from irreversible and mutilating surgeries such as double mastectomies. In a nutshell, the Administration is distressed because states are protecting women and children.

“It’s not everyday Americans who are extreme – it’s the White House. Polls show that Americans support fair sports for women and commonsense child safety protections for children. And even Democratic primary voters support the new Florida Parental Rights in Education law.

“Instead of listening to Americans’ voices and supporting commonsense measures, the Biden Administration is doubling down with an authoritarian support for extreme ideology. It’s Biden versus America. And if Americans keep pushing back, we know our side will win.”

Read the full press release here which includes details on the Biden administration’s recent actions that directly oppose God’s design.


The Federalist details the left’s agenda to dismantle the nuclear family and the nation:

“The obscene obsession with hypersexualizing children that exploded about two years ago needs to be understood in the context of the left’s wider agenda to promote moral relativism and sexual deviance, a campaign they have been gaslighting Americans into accepting as 'progressive.' Decades ago, Marxists ditched class warfare and economics in favor of sexual politics and culture as a vehicle for executing revolution. Ever since, they have been shrewdly redefining marriage, family, sexuality, and gender, to the point where 'tolerance' and 'diversity' now means foisting porn, perversion, and predators on our families. Those who won’t stand for it are cunningly condemned as bigots.

Although the tactics have changed, the underlying objective is no different from the philosophy of their ideological forebears in Communist hellholes like the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: the fundamental transformation of society by co-opting and perverting the nuclear family, the most influential societal unit, and the bedrock of Judeo-Christian values.”

Read more here.


SB 44, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, is the next big battle at the Capitol.

Sen. Beth Mizell, the sponsor of the bill, is determined to pass the legislation after the nation witnessed UPenn swimmer ‘Lia’ Thomas, a biological male, dominate female competitors. “When Lia Thomas was at that podium I must have gotten 30 texts with that picture because it gave a visual of exactly what the bill is trying to protect Louisiana female athletes from,” she said. (See the referenced photo here.)

Though Governor Edwards vetoed the bill last year, political analyst Bernie Pinsonat believes that the legislation should pass again this year as it has overwhelming support. It’s possible the governor could veto it a second time, but it seems unlikely as he was already overridden.

“The last thing the governor needs is to be overridden a second time in the same year by the Legislature, it erodes his power, it diminishes his ability to control his agenda,’ said Pinsonat.


Friendsplease pray for Louisiana lawmakers as they grapple with many important bills this Session. We must remain diligent to voice concern, fight legislation and advance policy that will benefit the families. Louisiana values are at stake, and they must be protected. 

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Franklin Graham calls for a ceasefire during Holy Week…


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