April 11th, 2023

Dear Friends,

Louisiana lawmakers have returned to the Capitol to address a wide range of issues, including abortion exceptions, insurance, recreational marijuana, teacher and legislative pay, and LGBT “politics.”

According to WDSU, the Senate will debate abortion-ban limiting status, including requiring insurance providers to cover abortions if they also cover maternity care.

Meanwhile, the House Education Committee will consider legislation related to “sexually explicit” material for children.

This session presents a unique opportunity to provide solutions to longstanding issues that impact all of Louisiana. Therefore, it is crucial to closely follow the developments and ensure that lawmakers are held accountable for their decisions.

May God guide this body to make decisions that are best for families and find the courage and compassion to right the "ship of state!" LFF is engaging with legislators and will keep you apprised of relevant developments.

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Stephen Waguespack is the past President of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), which represents over 2,200 businesses in Louisiana, and is gaining attention in the gubernatorial race through his fundraising efforts.

Two political action committees are supporting Waguespack that will report raising more than $3 million during the last month. The candidate has indicated that his messaging will be family-focused and centered around bringing jobs to Louisiana.

No doubt the race is heating up. All eyes will be watching this fall. 


A federal judge in Texas revoked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) two-decade-old approval of the abortion pill on Friday. The decision comes after the judge agreed with arguments made by the state of Texas that the use of the pill poses health risks to women and violates federal regulations.

This ruling contrasts a decision made by a federal judge in Washington state, less than one hour later, stating the FDA should not restrict the pill’s availability in most states that allow abortion. This split decision has could prompt the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in.

Currently, Louisiana has some of the strongest pro-life laws in the country.

Let’s keep it that way!  


The Education Department announced that the much-anticipated regulation for Title IX, which provides guidance on how federally-funded schools and colleges should handle sex and gender discrimination, will be released to the public in May.

According to the National Review, "The proposed rule, which would impact any school or college that receives federal funding, would expand Title IX protections to include gender identity."

Has Biden’s rule change produced results? The impact of Biden's rule change is becoming apparent through a growing number of incidents involving transgender activists across the country. The increasing lawlessness associated with transgenderism can be traced back to the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX proposal issued last June.

March 9th, Stanford University: Judge Kyle Duncan, a Louisiana native, was scheduled to give a talk to Stanford Law School students. However, a group of students carrying "Trans Lives Matter" signs repeatedly interrupted his comments, forcing him to cut short his presentation.

The students were protesting Duncan's 2015 denial of Norman Varner's request to change his sex and be referred to by a female name. Stanford University later issued an apology.

March 27th, Nashville: Armed with a rifle, pistol, and handgun, Audrey Hale rushed into Covenant School and fired 152 shots, killing three staff members and three students. Hale had self-identified as transgender.

April 6th, San Francisco State University: Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines gave a speech at San Francisco State University to express her opposition to the participation of men in women’s sports. In response, a group of activists frantically chanted, “Trans rights are human rights.” The activists then chased Riley down a hallway, repeatedly assaulting her and forcing her to retreat for safety. Shockingly, the activists even demanded that Riley pay a ransom of $10 to each of them for her release.

Ideas have consequences. That is why we must weigh in on the matters before this legislature!


Friend,remember that LFF's Leadership Academy & Spiritual Heritage tour is scheduled this June 18th-24th. This Academy is designed for high school juniors to college sophomores to explore America's spiritual heritage and our significance in God's plan. 

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In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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