May 10, 2022

Dear Friends

Louisiana Strong! Check out this story from KPEL965:

A group of boaters near Grand Isle are certainly thanking their lucky stars that an LDWF agent happened to be patrolling near them on Saturday. According to the Department of Wildlife website, Sgt. Stephen Rhodes was on patrol near Grand Isle when he noticed a vessel attempting to exit the rock jetties. The manuver was causing the vessel to take on water.

By the time Sgt Rhodes and some good Samaritans arrived on the scene the vessel had capsized. Eight of the people from the boat had managed to climb on top of the hull another person, a seven-year-old girl was reportedly trapped beneath the vessel.

When the girl was located under the vessel, she was unresponsive. Sgt Rhodes performed CPR and, thanks be to God, her breathing resumed! Thanks to the quick actions of Sgt Rhodes and these good Samaritans, the little girl’s life was saved!


On Sunday, a leftist group attacked Wisconsin Family Action’s headquarters in retaliation to the Dobbs draft leak. The group ignited 2 Molotov cocktails, broke windows, and set the office on fire. The arsonists warned, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.” 

WFA was one of several recipients of the left’s “benevolence” this weekend. A crisis pregnancy center in Denton, Texas was vandalized with the words “Not a clinic.” Leftists also wrote “[expletive] CPCs” in graffiti on a clinic in Oregon and “My body, my choice” on a Catholic church in Colorado. LFF has also taken heat from across the country for our pro-life legislation. 

Further, US Supreme Court justices have faced tremendous threat since the draft leaked. "Protestors" have surrounded their homes and Justice Alito’s family have been forced into hiding. Pro-abortion radicals are attempting to intimidate the justices into changing their votes, which is why it’s vital that SCOTUS releases the opinion ASAP. "We can't be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want," said Justice Clarence Thomas. 

WFA President Julaine Appling released a statement in response to the attack stating, “This attack fails to frighten us, and instead steels the resolve of law-abiding, common-sense, every-day folks to stand up and push back…we are still standing. We still support freedom. We love our republic and care for our neighbors...We will not back down.”

Call to Action:

I am calling you to join me in praying for the US Supreme Court Justices, clerks, and staff at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Pray for safety, protection, courage, strength, and WISDOM for each justice and their family. 

In John 3:16, we read a message of hope. Let us be faithful to share this hope every day. May we also pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit to save the lost and heal our land.  

I hope the number 9 encourages you as we pray for each of the 9 Supreme Court justices wherever you are at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.


The government is colluding with private companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to censor speech that they are ideologically opposed to. This includes biblical viewpoints on marriage and sexuality. They call this speech “disinformation” and claim to be protecting the public, but in reality, they are attempting to control public opinion and restrict free speech.  

Thankfully, AG Landry of Louisiana has filed a lawsuit to protect our First Amendment rights. 

The lawsuit claims that a “private entity violates the First Amendment ‘if the government coerces or induces it to take action the government itself would not be permitted to do, such as censor expression of a lawful viewpoint.’”

Missouri and Louisiana argue that the federal government has been engaging in this censorship for years by encouraging Big Tech to censor conservative viewpoints and suppressing “dis-favored speakers, viewpoints and content on social-media platforms under the Orwellian guise of halting so-called ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation,’ and ‘malinformation.’”

Please pray for the success of this lawsuit and the protection of every person’s God-given right to speak the truth!


Friendsin the midst of great turmoil and violence, we must turn to God, who will give us peace beyond our understanding. Regardless of the persecution we may face, let’s continue to boldly stand for the dignity of the unborn and fulfill our duty as Christians to speak the truth.  

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10). 

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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