May 25, 2021

Dear Friends,

LFF has been monitoring SB 10, a bill by Sen. Cleo Fields (D-Baton Rouge), which would lower the compulsory school attendance age to 5, effectively making kindergarten mandatory in Louisiana and removing a parent’s option to keep their child in Pre-K.

On its face, it’s easy to look at this bill and think it sounds like a good idea, as evidenced by its nearly unanimous bipartisan support. 

With the now-constant and overt efforts by those in power to gain more influence over impressionable children, we oppose any proposals that remove children from their parents’ watchful eyes to place them under earlier influence of government schools. Parents should have the right to choose when and where their child(ren) receive an education.

While we’re confident that Senator Fields means well with his bill, LFF is committed first to parental discretion and parental rights.

We urge you to call your House member and ask them to look past the rhetoric and vote NO on this effort to require children to enroll in government schools at an earlier age.


On that note, LFF is fighting back on the corruption of worldview and hostile takeover of government schools undertaken by the Biden Administration by hosting the 2021 Leadership Academy. This worldview-strengthening course for 16-to-22-year-olds is designed to firm up our next generation of leaders’ understanding of God’s design for government, and to equip them to make an impact for good.

This year’s program will be hosted in Baker, La., and attendees will have an opportunity to hear from Congressman Mike Johnson (R-Shreveport) as well as Joseph Backholm, Senior Fellow for Christian Worldview at the Family Research Center in Washington, D.C.

The event, held June 6-8, has only a few spots remaining. Please click here for more information and the registration form.


LFF’s team is vigilant to ensure the radical left isn’t able to sneak agendas across the finish line through the back door and past the watchful eye of pro-family conservatives.

If you appreciate the service that LFF provides to Louisiana families, would you click here to make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible gift to support our work? Together, we will ensure Louisiana remains friendly to life, liberty, and limited government.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

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