June 6, 2023

Dear Friends,

The Louisiana Senate voted 29-10 last night to pass HB 648, The Stop Harming Children Act. This bill protects minors from harmful medical experimentation involving hormones and surgical mutilation.

I provided the media with this perspective:We are grateful to the legislators who understood the threat posed to children by hyper-sexualized medicine and therapy.’ The horror stories of those who deeply regret embracing a false promise and embarking on an irreversible path of permanent sterilization and lifelong health consequences will end in Louisiana. No child should ever be subjected to sexual or medical experimentation of this nature. Despite intense political pressure, the Louisiana Legislature has acted wisely.


Call To Action:  We respectfully request that Governor John Bel Edwards allow this bill to become law, ensuring that Louisiana children receive the competent and compassionate medical care that every child deserves. SEND A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNOR HERE.

Additional Action: Help me thank the legislature’s leadership, Senate President Page Cortez and House Speaker Clay Schexnayder for their capable assistance in moving these matters to a vote.  




What an amazing two days at the Capitol!  As we race toward the session deadline on Thursday at 6pm, bills have been sailing through both chambers without debate. Yesterday was the final chance for bills to pass by a simple majority.  In all of my decades of engaging the legislative process, I can’t remember a more productive legislative session.  We praise God for the outcome of certain bills which seemed unlikely to pass at the beginning of the session.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in LFF’s calls to action– it worked!

This Week at the Capitol

✅ HB 5  Rep. Frieman - Payment of pregnancy-related medical expenses by the father. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 8  Rep. Horton - Requires national motto, "In God We Trust,” in K-12 schools. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 32  Rep. Schlegel - $6000 tax deduction for K-12 educational expenses. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 61  Rep. Schlegel - Parental consent for kids interactive computer services. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 77 Rep. Schlegel - Protects kids from harmful websites without age verification. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 68 Rep. Hodges - Authorizes elective courses in the history and literature of the Bible. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 81 Rep. Crews - Requires correction of students’ pronouns unless written parental permission is obtained. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 182 Rep. Edmonston - Prohibits COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of school attendance PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 260  Rep. Beaullieu - Prohibits federal interference in state elections. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 291  Rep. Charles Owen - Creates "No Patient Left Alone" at medical facilities. PASSED SENATE

⛔️ HB 311  Rep. Miguez - Prohibits foreign govt or Zuckerbucks for state elections. FAILED IN SENATE

✅ HB 399  Rep. Edmonston - Requires vaccine exemption information for all students. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 415  Rep. Amedee - No Central Bank “digital currency” in Louisiana. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 457 Rep. Crews - Certificate of nonviable birth for babies lost in miscarriage. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 443  Rep. Edmonds - $5,000 adoption tax credit. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 462  Rep. Edmonds - Fiscal transparency/accountability for school boards. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 466  Horton  Prohibits K-12 discussion/instruction of “sexual orientation and gender identity” and requires use of correct pronouns for students. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 537  Rep. Hodges - Prohibits purchase and lease of property by foreign adversaries. PASSED SENATE

✅ HB 648   Rep. Firment - Establishes the "THE STOP HARMING OUR KIDS ACT" and prohibits procedures that attempt to alter the gender of minors. PASSED SENATE

✅ SB 7 Sen. Cloud - Requires that libraries limit students’ access to sexually explicit materialPASSED HOUSE

✅ SB 94 Sen. Kleinpeter – Regulation of Kratom. PASSED HOUSE

✅ SB 147  Sen. Robert Mills - Authorizes self-insurance fund for the purpose of property insurance coverage for churches and nonprofit religious organizations. SENT TO THE GOVERNOR

✅ SB 162 Sen. McMath - Disallows minors having social media accounts without parental consent. PASSED HOUSE

✅ SB 175 Sen. Stine - Creates the crime of "unlawful deepfakes involving minors.” PASSED HOUSE

Finally, please contact your Representative & Senator, today by phone (below), and request they be prepared to exercise an override session if HB 648 is vetoed.

House Switchboard: 225-342-9645
Senate Switchboard: 225-342-2040

Simply request your message be sent to your legislator and operator will assist! Don’t forget to message the Senate President & House Speaker to thank them, too!

Friends, we still have 3 days to go. Please pray we finish strong and that our legislative officials will be endued with wisdom to understand God’s will, as well as the courage to faithfully fulfill it!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


P.S. The modern world owes a debt of gratitude for what was done during this week 79 years ago!


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