June 14, 2022

Dear Friends

The legislative session may be over...but Baton Rouge is still buzzing with activity. Jeremy Alford of LaPolitics Weekly writes: 

Parallel inquiries into State Police activities on the legislative and federal levels helped drive the politics of the Capitol this past spring. When that wasn’t occupying attention spans, our elected officials in Baton Rouge were either positioning on litigation related to the recent redistricting process or playing angles on the threat of yet another veto override session.

Now, and rather suddenly, these same issues are on a summertime collision course. The case involving the death of Ronald Greene, questions over election lines and the strength of a gubernatorial veto were all self-contained political issues a few weeks ago. These days, the politics are bleeding over.    

Lawmakers in Louisiana will be heading back to the Capitol, ostensibly to draw a new congressional map with a second minority district, after the 5th Circuit’s administrative stay was lifted.

Although Governor John Bel Edwards wants to create a second majority-Black district,  there doesn’t appear to be sufficient political will on the part of Republicans for that to happen. 

Plus, a veto override session still may occur, depending on what the governor does, particularly with the pro-life legislation he has awaiting his signature. Although he is under intense pressure to veto the bill that doesn’t include exceptions for rape and incest, Alford notes that, “Those close to the governor believe he’s leaning against a veto, which would at least match his record on the issue.”


 A first-of-its-kind study explores whether divorce leads to happier outcomes for people who claim to be in an unhappy marriage. The study followed 645 spouses who identify as being in an unhappy marriage over a course of five years. 

The study concluded that those who divorced their spouse were on average no happier than the individuals who remained in their unhappy marriage. In fact, “two out of three unhappily married adults who avoided divorce or separation ended up happily married” just five years later! This, of course, defies the claim that some make that divorce is needed to be “happy.”

This study is a reminder that marriage is a covenant between God and your partner that is eternal. Marriage is for better and worse, and data shows that if you stick with your partner through the worst of times you will come out better on the other side.


The number of youth who identify as transgender has skyrocketed over the last five years. The vast majority of youth who identify as transgender reside in blue states where it is almost required to teach about transgenderism in school settings.

An interesting note is that the rate of “transgender” adults has remained steady while the rate of “transgender” youths has doubled. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that when teachers are permitted to introduce sexual politics into the classroom, the rates of “transgender” youth grow.

This rise, which is driven by ideas among educators in combination with the incendiary effects of social media, is confusing young minds and hearts. Parents are unfortunately ignorant of much of the trans propaganda children receive at school, and it is high time we limit education to reading, writing and arithmetic rather than advocacy of sexual politics.


Friends, it is no secret that the culture of America is slowly being deconstructed. God-fearing people around our country have to engage for the soul of our country, as irrational forces are working equally as hard to have it all come crashing down. Let the light of the Gospel shine! This could be our finest moment.

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum

P.S. Join Team LFF in preparing for life After Roe!


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