June 22, 2021

Dear Friends,

Governor John Bel Edwards is in overtime on announcing his decision regarding SB 156, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. The governor, by law, has made his final decision; however, the Louisiana Constitution gives him until July 3rd to announce that decision to the public. Until then, we wait.

Governor Edwards has chosen one of three paths.

First, hopefully, he simply honored the will of the people through their duly elected representatives and signed the bill into law. This legislation passed by a bipartisan majority.

Secondly, he could have vetoed the bill, ignoring distinctively Louisiana Values and opting instead to take orders from the Biden Administration and other D.C. radicals.

Finally, he may have taken the middle road by allowing the bill to become law without his signature.

Obviously, this legislation isn’t “a solution in search of a problem” but is, in fact, an answer to a consequential question – demanding a responsible answer right now.

The International Olympic Committee has announced that they will allow a biological man to compete as a woman in weightlifting competition in the upcoming Tokyo Games. One contestant, an actual female describes the decision as; “a bad dream.” The Committee, while acknowledging that male competitors have more bone density and muscle density than biological women, decided to allow sexual politics to trump a fair and competitive playing field.

How are these developments possible? What do you tell women who have trained their whole lives for this Olympic moment? The most pro-woman thing a society could do is to prevent men from pushing women off the medal platform, and away from opportunities.

Louisiana’s women have a right to compete on a playing field that is fair, and without interference from sexual politics.


What Comes Next?

Pray for a Favorable Outcome

LFF will monitor the Governor’s releases, anticipating an announcement before the deadline of July 3rd.

If the Governor signed the bill into law, or allowed it to become law without his signature, we will thank him for thinking independently, for doing the right thing, and for hearing the voices of Louisiana residents.

If the Governor caved to the pressures of politicians in Washington, D.C. and put women in harm’s way, we will ask Louisiana’s legislature to override his veto. If this happens, we will need you to reach out to your legislators quickly to ask them to vote against the veto.

It takes a simple majority in the House and Senate to hold a veto override session, but two-thirds in each chamber to override a veto. This occurrence is very rare and has only happened a handful of times in Louisiana history.


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Thank you for your unwavering support of LFF, and by extension, your support of women and girls in the Pelican State.

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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