July 11, 2023

Dear Friends,

This past week, we asked you to contact Louisiana lawmakers with this message: 

"The 2023 Veto override Session is not optional, its obligatory - Stop Harming Children!" You responded, and legislators have gotten the message — for that, we thank you! 

Although the deadline for determining the final count of those who agreed to attend is July 13th, media outlets are reporting that a VETO OVERRIDE SESSION IS INEVITABLE! This is a new, historic trend in Louisiana of legislative oversight over gubernatorial vetoes – and something that has been sadly lacking for many years.

The override session will likely begin July 18th at 12 pm.

Our Mission: Override Governor Edwards. We must ensure HB648 and other vetoed bills become law.


In preparation for the Veto Override Session, we have several tasks we are asking you to consider and share:

1. PRAY! The Lord has answered our prayers for an override session. Now we must pray for a successful override of Governor Edwards. Specifically, pray for wisdom, courage, discernment, and unity among those fighting to protect children. May we suggest the following as you intercede and approach the throne in prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you for our legislators that desire to serve You! For those that are wavering, as you spoke to Esther, to think not that she would escape in the king's house if she remained silent and let death come upon her people, we ask you to remind lawmakers that they, too, have come to the Capitol for such a time as this. Please warn them, if they stand against you, you are able to raise up help from another place, but that we may not escape the judgment of harming little children. We ask for Your boldness, grace, and favor upon each decision maker, and that each serve as faithful ministers to the State of Louisiana, its people, and those we seek to protect. May You bless these efforts to build a Louisiana where You are honored, life is respected, families flourish, and religious freedom reigns. In Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.

2. Personally, thank each lawmaker for their public service and support of HB648. Indicate that you will be in attendance to witness their vote in support of overriding Governor Edwards. Acknowledge that you are aware that they have endured intense pressure not to attend. You can find the names of your House and Senate members and mail info by using this formA personal call, visit, or handwritten note will be profoundly impactful. You can let them know you are praying for their family, our state, and the outcome.   

Suggested language: Dear Sen./Rep. (Their name), Thank you for your service and for agreeing to return to Baton Rouge for the veto override session. You are our final line of defense on Stopping the Harm to Children. Telling a little boy that he may become a girl, (or vice versa) is not the standard for competent medical care in Louisiana; its dishonest and harmful. Please vote “YES” to override the Governor’s veto of HB648, HB81, and HB466. Sincerely, Your Name.

OR you can call your legislators: 

House: 225-342-6945
Senate: 225-342-2040

3. PLAN TO JOIN US AT THE CAPITOL!  Please start making plans to join us on July 18th, tentatively at 12:00 noon. I would plan to arrive early to allow for parking and to secure a seat in the chamber. More details will be forthcoming, but please invite your friends and family to join us for prayer at the Capitol as we intercede for Louisiana children. Then we will assist you in communicating with your lawmakers as they deliberate.

Thank you again for the impact you are having on our state. The Lord knows and sees each of us as we engage in this battle for the hearts and minds of our children.

Please fill out the form below, then click here to connect with your Louisiana Senator and House Member, and send them your message to override the Governor’s veto!

Thank You!

The transgender movement has conquered American culture. Activist teachers have converted classrooms into propaganda. Influencers are driving billions of social media impressions. And doctors are cutting up kids in the name of gender-affirming care.

The story goes deeper than you might imagine, featuring rage-filled intellectuals, a trans billionaire benefactor, and large scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto.

In this new short film, Christopher Rufo tells the story of the transgender empire, how it came into being, and how it hopes to change the face of American society forever.


A faith-based film that brings light to sex trafficking is number one in America.

The movie depicts the real-life journey of Tim Ballard, a former agent of Homeland Security, who established the nonprofit organization Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) to combat human trafficking.

Angel Studios allocated a budget of $14.5 million for the production of the film. On its release day, July 4th, the movie generated an impressive box office revenue of $14.2 million, surpassing all other films currently screening in theaters. In its opening week, the movie earned a staggering $40 million. 

Sound of Freedom even outperformed Walt Disney Studios' recent box office disappointment, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Tim Ballard, a former agent of the Department of Homeland Security who has rescued numerous children from the horrors of sex slavery, is depicted in the film by actor Jim Caviezel.

In an interview with the Daily Signal, both Ballard and Caviezel explain how the Left’s “pedophile doctrines” enable child sex slavery. “What they’re saying is, children can consent to having their bodies filled with a chemical that will destroy their reproductive system. They can consent to ripping apart their genitalia. This is insanity—in and of itself it’s horrible,” Ballard added. “But what it’s going to lead to is what the pedophiles have been asking for. If you can consent to that, guess what? What’s more fluid than gender? Age,” said Ballard.

The success of this movie goes to show that Americans are more interested in real, inspiring stories than in entertainment that’s filled with propaganda. 


Friends, thanking you for standing and praying with us as we do everything in our power to protect Louisiana children from radical gender ideology. Please pray that an override session is successful and plan to join me on July 18th to let lawmakers hear your voice and say “No Thank You” to Governor Edwards’ vetoes!

In His Service,

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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