July 12, 2022

Dear Friends

Louisiana pro-life laws continue to draw the ire of abortionists and their advocates alike. Hope Medical Group, the plaintiff abortion clinic out of Shreveport is challenging Louisiana’s law based on vagueness and ambiguity. The case is in the process of being transferred to the state district court in East Baton Rouge Parish from Orleans Parish where the suit was improperly filed. 

Make no mistake – Abortion, Inc. remains ‘evicted’ from Louisiana borders, and these legal maneuvers are only about establishing the effective date. We will prevail in these legal battles and life will be valued and protected as it should be!

On the national front:

Joe Biden’s unprecedented attack on the unborn accelerates. The president announced Friday that he will ignore the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and will provide taxpayer funds to continue abortions in red states. The Department of Health and Human Services will attempt to use federal time, resources, and money to protect abortion clinics, and facilitate abortions. This is a clear violation of federal law.

Biden’s pronouncement demonstrates a complete dereliction of duty and raw lawlessness.

This is a stark reminder that elections have consequences, and that no political victory (or defeat) is ever permanent or irreversible.  

Back to Louisiana:

Not to be outdone in the race to the bottom, the New Orleans Mayor, Sheriff, District Attorney, and City Council have vowed to defy the state law banning abortion by refusing to enforce it. There is even talk of placing a ship in federal waters in the Gulf to perform abortions. There is no end to the desperate machinations of the abortion industry and its foot soldiers that seek abortion on demand in our state.


A pro-life sidewalk counselor was attacked outside Baton-Rouge’s scandal-ridden Delta abortion facility last week. Christopher Key attempted to deliver a legal notice from the Attorney General’s office asserting that Louisiana law against abortion remained enforceable and to stop performing abortions. An employee at the clinic accosted Mr. Key with a stick, striking him several times before smashing the camera he used to record the incident.

Pro-abortion radicals are feeling empowered to physically assault those who oppose their wish to end lives. This was evident in the attack on Woman's New Life Clinic in Baton Rouge this morning, where domestic terrorist group Jane's Revenge unleashed its vengeance.  You can see part of the vandalism in the image above.

LFF remains resolved to build a Louisiana where God is honored, life is respected, families flourish and liberty reigns! See Louisiana Family Forum' s Five-Part Strategy on Thinking Clearly After Roe.


A recent report from Gallup shows that trust in American institutions is eroding. From Congress and the Supreme Court to broadcast media and the Church, trust in long-standing establishments has dissipated. This is emblematic of America’s absence of a national vision coupled with deconstructionist division strategy and a polarity in our national discourse.

The media owns its share of the vitriol in America as it strives to divide and play one upmanship with “news and information” for their own deranged purpose. Active distrust in the Church is the most concerning of all as religious affiliation in the US plummets. Too many Americans worship the state and economic globalism which further destabilizes.

It is the job of God-fearing everyday Americans to pray for and address the ills of our society. We must remain united against the forces of evil that are pervasive in this country!


Friends, God-fearing people must continue to fight for the forces of good against evil. We have so much to be proud of, but we must not grow complacent or stagnant!

In His Service, 

Gene Mills
President, Louisiana Family Forum


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